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I live in tank tops. When I told Evan I was going to write a roundup of  women’s tank top reviews, he was like “because you have 9 zillion?”

Yes. Precisely. I have 9 zillion tank tops.

I have ones to wear to the gym, for casual outfits, to wear under shirts, etc. Trust me. I know my tanks.

So, if you’re looking to buy a new women’s tank top or two, hopefully these reviews will be useful to you. Most of these are from Amazon just because Amazon is cheap, convenient and returns are easy.

Neleus Workout Running Racerback $22.93 for 3

It’s probably a pretty even split between whether I wear these more often or the two tanks I got from our gym.

These are the easiest to coordinate with leggings because of the color design. The one shown in the picture has the grey accents on the shoulders. The other two in the pack I ordered have black and white accents, so they’re neutral and go with pretty much anything. They’re comfy and contour well without being too tight. They’re not super warm, so I don’t notice feeling overly sweaty in the gym.

I would recommend these as some great basic women’s tank tops for working out. Evan has the men’s ones and really likes them.

Cosy Pyro Workout Tank Tops for Women $23.99 for 4 (gifted)

These tank tops are more for everyday wear than workouts. I just feel like because of the material, they would show sweat and wouldn’t really work well in the gym. They’re also more form fitting than what I would wear to workout. They’re fine as non-workout tanks though.

The best part of these tank tops is their softness. They do get kind of wrinkly folded in a drawer, but nothing too bad – the kind of wrinkles where you wouldn’t need to iron them, just throw them in the dryer with a damp towel. We just don’t have space in the closet for me to hang them up.

So as long as you can pull them out of the dryer while they’re still warm and hang them up, you’ll have some soft women’s tank tops.

Cyanstyle Women Tunic Top $26.99 (gifted)

I wear this tank top for workouts, but the style isn’t really ideal for lifting. It’s a lot more loose than the typical workout tank. It’s meant for yoga, but I think because it is so loose, it would just slip down doing downward dog or anything else upside down. I don’t really do yoga anymore though, so if you’re into yoga you might disagree. It’s also kind of long, so it gets caught on the barbell when I do barbell curls or bent over rows.

If you’re just looking for a yoga style without functionality, this top would work. But if you’re trying to find an athletic top, it probably isn’t your best bet.

CinShein Womens Tank Tops $20.79 (gifted)

I’m not super big on this tank top. The pattern is just too much for me. In the photo I’m wearing a size medium because the seller wanted a video, but I was going to give it to my sister who is a bit bigger. The material is kind of thin, but it doesn’t seem see-through.

If this is your style and you want a statement tank top, this could be fun. It comes in other patterns as well, but not all are Prime.

Global Culture New Zealand Fashion Owl Women’s Singlet $12.86 (only in size L right now)

I don’t think this tank top is meant for lifting, but I like it so much I wear it to the gym anyway. I got this in New Zealand on my last trip there. It’s a nice, thick t-shirt material. It has held up well through the wash. My family buys clothes for themselves and as gifts for other people from this brand pretty frequently. High quality and local to NZ. They have cute, funny designs that aren’t in your face like a lot of graphic tees. I have at least three tops from them. Evan has one and he hasn’t even been to New Zealand yet.

For real though, one of my favorite tank tops from one of my favorite clothing companies.

Niashot Women’s Tanks $17.99 (gifted)

This women’s tank top is cool because it has an ombre pattern. It is definitely a cheaper material. I wouldn’t say it’s that breathable. Also not sure if it’s meant for working out either, but obviously I wear it to the gym. It would probably work better just as a casual tank top. I prefer spaghetti straps or thinner straps for wearing out places though, which is primarily why I stick to wearing it at the gym.

There are tons of other designs for this women’s tank top. If you like how it fits, it’s one you could probably fill your closet with, just because there’s so many other colors and patterns.


This was just a quick roundup of reviews for some of the many tank tops I have. The ones that I haven’t reviewed are because they’re not easily accessible to everyone. I love the tank tops I have from our gym, but they’re only in Albuquerque. If you happen to live here though, I would recommend them. Another one I would like to review is this simple, black, lacy camisole from Gap, but it’s at least 10 years old and not available anymore. The length of time I’ve owned it shows how well it has held up though. Another is from Nike outlet.

So we shop at many more places besides Amazon, but it’s silly to write reviews on items you all may not be able to get. So that concludes the women’s tank top review round up for now. I’m sure I’ll be posting more clothing reviews in the future and buying more tank tops.


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