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It’s finally 2021. But, places are still closed and there’s not a lot to do for entertainment. We’re still working out, but it’s so cold here currently that when we have free time on the weekend, we stay inside instead of riding or hiking. Due to this, we watch a decent amount of tv and movies on Amazon Prime. The only streaming service we have is Amazon Prime Video, (link here: https://amzn.to/3oKbJ6d) just because we already have it and we weren’t too amused by Netflix or Hulu. If you’re in the same boat and struggling to figure out what to watch, check out our list of what to watch on Amazon Prime. All of these should be free to watch with Prime, but Prime Video started switching everything from free to paid quickly, so by the time this post is up, they may have to be rented. If you don’t have Amazon Prime, you can use this link for a free 30-day trial – https://amzn.to/3oKbJ6d. If you shop on Amazon frequently, check out our storefront – www.amazon.com/shop/cutecannycouple for shopping ideas.

What Shows to Watch on Amazon Prime Video

Hustle (crime)

We’re still watching this one. It’s 8 seasons long, 6 episodes each. Hustle is a BBC show from the early 2000’s. Other than the technology they use (flip phones) it doesn’t seem dated like some of those early 2000s shows that seem like they’re from the 80’s. The plot centers around a group of grifters and their shenanigans. Each episode has a different con and they’re all completely different and elaborate. One involved pretending to be a record producer and taking their mark to an awards show. Another was about art forgery. Just a little bit of everything. It’s funny and easy to watch.

New Tricks (cops)

Even though I may not agree with the law enforcement system, particularly in the US, we watch a lot of cop shows. New Tricks is another BBC show. It’s about a department called UCOS, unsolved crime and open case squad, which is just three retired officers and the department head, who is still an official police officer. The members of the department change through the seasons, but they’re always clean breaks, so you’re not left wondering whether they will be returning. The squad works cold cases. It’s different than other cop shows. There’s no romance, very little interoffice drama, mainly just focuses on the cases and character development. It ran for 12 seasons, around 6-10 episodes per season.

Great British Menu (cooking/unscripted)

This is not the best show for binge watching as it was made for tv, so it’s kinda repetitive and feels redundant if you watch multiple episodes in a row. I’m still watching it. It’s a reality show where chefs from different regions of England compete to cook for a banquet for Prince Charles and food producers. Every 5 episodes there are 3 different chefs from the same region. One episode is appetizers, the next is fish, main, dessert, and the final one of the 5 is where they cook all courses for 3 judges. Whoever wins that one will go on to the final competition where all the winners of each local one compete. I think this is unique to this show, one of their primary focuses is to use local produce and cook meals that highlight England and their particular region.

The Fall (serial killer)

I’ve actually watched this series twice. The first time it must’ve been like background noise, which is what I use TV for fairly often. I remembered some stuff, but not a lot from it. Watched it again with Evan. It’s a serial killer drama starring Gillian Anderson and Jamie Dornan. Dornan is the serial killer. Anderson is the detective trying to catch him. Plenty of plot twists.

30 Rock (comedy)

If you haven’t watched this, but love SNL, then you should. The episodes are short, around 20 mins each. 7 seasons, 15-20ish episodes per season. This one is about the people running a show similar to the style of SNL called The Girly Show and everything going on in their lives. Weird characters, funny stuff, and I think Trump stole a lot of his ideas from the character Jack Donaghey. Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin are two of the main actors.

DCI Banks (cop)

Well whaddyaknow, it’s another BBC show. I think we watch more British stuff than American to be completely honest. Your normal cop show featuring DCI Banks and his colleagues. There is romance and more interoffice stuff than in New Tricks, but there’s enough twists in their cases that they’re not predictable. 5 seasons, 6 episodes.

Room to Improve (reality/home improvement)

Room to Improve features an architect, Dermot Bannon and how he helps clients design and build/fix up their homes. It’s located in Ireland. Season 7-12 is on Amazon Prime, with about 6-8 episodes per season. The episodes are all cut the same way. He meets the clients and goes over what they want and their budget. Their budget is typically too low. He shows them different architectural styles in other houses to open their minds. They find more money for their budget. Someone hates some aspect of the build and changes it. Everything ends up fine and they love their house. The drama is predictable, but if you’re watching it for the architecture and house ideas rather than entertainment, it’s a good one.

Fortitude (thriller)

Only watch the first season of this. There are three seasons, but only two are on Amazon. The first season was good. The second one tried to follow too many plot lines and just seemed like it was pushing for two much. The ending of the first season resolved everything enough that we were surprised there was a second season. It really should have ended on the first. Without spoilers, Fortitude is about a a small town close to the arctic where nothing eventful happens, but there’s suddenly a murder and then more. Small town drama, crime, some sci-fi, what else do you need in a show? It stars Stanley Tucci, Richard Dormer, and Michael Gambon.

Bosch (cop)

More popo shows – Bosch is an Amazon original. The lead actors are Titus Welliver, Jamie Hector, and Amy Aquino. There are 6 seasons with 10 episodes. I believe they are still making more seasons as season 6 was from last year. Bosch is a detective in LA. It follows Bosch and his partner, J Edgar on their pursuits for catching bad guys. Bosch has his demons, so it delves into his past and family a bit. His daughter is more interested in the legal side and remains a staple character throughout.

Upload (comedy/sci-fi)

Upload only has one season so far. It came out last year. It’s set in the future, about a guy who dies and is “uploaded” to like a retirement home/afterlife sort of place. There’s romance, comedy, and someone out to get the protagonist. Upload stars Robbie Arnell, Andy Allo, and Allegra Edwards.

Burn Notice (spies/crime)

Burn Notice is about Michael Weston, a former spy who was burned. He recruits an old friend, an ex-girlfriend, and sometimes his mom to help him on his quest to figure out who burned him and to make money now that he no longer has a job or savings. That’s the plot for the first few seasons, but it does change a bit later. Stars are Jeffrey Donovan, Gabrielle Anwar, and Bruce Campbell.

Psych (comedy)

James Roday and Dule Hill star in this show about a guy who pretends he is psychic to help solve crimes. There are 8 seasons with 16 episodes. The romance in this is one of those where the couple takes ages to get together.

The Americans (spies)

A couple consisting of two KGB spies live in the US in the 1980’s with their two kids and work to evade detection by their FBI agent neighbor. Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys are the leading actors. A while ago when we were trying to find a new show, this one showed up on almost every list we came across.

What Movies to Watch on Amazon Prime Video

Fyi, all the musicals in here are my choice. Evan refuses to watch musicals.

Grease (musical/comedy)

There’s a lot of politically incorrect stuff in this movie, but I grew up watching it. I watched this so much as a kid that I wore out the video cassette. Yeah, I’m that old. My favorite song from it was Greased Lightening. Is it any surprise that I ended up with a guy who wants to work on cars for fun? Not really. If you haven’t seen Grease, it’s essentially an upbeat musical about an Australian girl, Sandy (Oliva Newton-John) who meets a greaser, Danny (John Travolta) over the summer and they go to the same school for their senior year. The first time I watched High School Musical, I was like well, the beginning is like a complete rip off of Grease. If you don’t pay attention to the moral of the story, which is change yourself to fit better with what your significant other wants, it’s fine. Just don’t dig too deep and enjoy the dance numbers.

A Simple Favor (crime/drama)

A crime dramedy that is a little weird and has plenty of plot twists. The fashion in this movie is interesting as well. I like to think that I dress more like Blake Lively’s character who wears a full petticoat with a 50’s style dress in the last scene, but realistically I’m more like Anna Kendrick’s character who dons a sweater with rainbow pom-poms all over it at one point. I don’t really know how to describe it without giving too much away, but basically there are these two mom friends and one of them goes missing.

Logan Lucky (crime/comedy)

After going through our watch history, it appears we watch a lot of movies and shows about people stealing things. Logan Lucky is about two brothers and a few others who decide to rob a car race. It’s an elaborate, creative scheme. It stars Channing Tatum, Adam Driver, and Seth MacFarlane.

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (musical/crime/period)

If you wanted to see half the cast of Harry Potter sing, here’s your chance. Starring Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter, and Alan Rickman, this is a dark musical perfect for those of you also weirdly intrigued by serial killers and murder. It’s set in 1800’s (I think). Sweeney Todd (Depp) is a barber who returns to London after a judge (Rickman) sends him to prison and takes his family away. He works with Mrs. Lovett (Bonham Carter) to enact revenge. If you’re sensitive to blood and gore, don’t watch this.

Guys and Dolls (musical/classic)

The stars of this movie musical are Frank Sinatra, Marlon Brando, and Jean Simmons. I think that alone sums up the time period and the type of movie. The plot it pretty basic, Sinatra’s character, Nathan Detroit bets Brando’s character, Sky Masterson that he (Masterson) can’t convince Jean Simmon’s character, Sarah Brown, a missionary to go to Havana with him. Predictable, but I don’t think anyone watches musical for the plot.

My Spy (family/comedy)

This movie is cliche, but cute. The stars are Dave Bautista, Chloe Coleman, and Ken Jeong. A CIA operative, is assigned to conduct surveillance on the family of a criminal. The kid catches him and convinces him to spend time with her and her mom because she’s trying to set them up. That’s pretty much it, but there are funny moments and a happily ever after.

Instant Family (family/comedy)

A little bit of background on why we watched this, so my moms were foster parents when I was a kid. I have had about 8 foster siblings. Evan and I have talked about adopting or doing foster care later on, so we thought this would be fitting. Instant Family has Rose Byrne and Mark Wahlberg as a 30ish couple who decide they want to adopt. They foster 3 kids and eventually adopt them (yeah spoiler alert, but how else would it end?). It’s pretty much what you would expect, but it’s comedic and shows some of the good and challenging parts about foster parenting and adopting.

I See You (Thriller)

Again, another one of those where describing it too much would just give everything away. So, short version is there’s a kid that goes missing and there’s weird stuff going on in the lead investigator’s house. Not the expected ending, so it’s worth a watch. Stars are Helen Hunt, Jon Tenney, and Owen Teague.

Footloose (Drama)

A classic 80’s film about a teenage boy, Ren McCormack (Kevin Bacon) who moves to a town where music and dancing isn’t allowed. Obviously, he hates that and decides to change the town. It’s fun and dancey. The angry warehouse dancing scene is iconic.

Fiddler on the Roof (Musical/drama)

The theme of this movie is traditions. Tevye, a Jewish man and his family live in Russia. His three daughters all find their husbands in different ways, each one pushing against their traditions more. It’s not one of the bright, fun musicals. It has a sad ending, but it’s such a good musical. The stars are Topol, Leonard Frey, and Molly Picon. When I don’t know what to watch on Amazon Prime, I usually end up with a musical.


I hope this list on what to watch on Amazon Prime gave you a few suggestions. You can kinda tell our film and show taste based on this list. We usually search around on Google for ideas on what to watch on Amazon Prime, but maybe this post will save you the search.


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