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Who doesn’t love shopping? Us. We don’t like shopping, at least not as a past time like many people do. When we do shop, we try to just buy things we need and/or get things on sale. I finally used a gift card from TJ Maxx that I had received over a year ago. Most of the items I picked were things I would use often. I wouldn’t necessarily call them needs, but things that would make my life easier. Some of them were great choices. Others were not. Find out which purchases from our TJ Maxx haul were worth it below.

Bella + Canvas Cloth Masks

Still available, on sale for $7.

First, I wanted to get some new masks. My work recently started requiring them (I’m in my own office 99% of the day, so I wasn’t wearing them there often). So, I just got these simple black ones. I ordered the s/m. I would definitely get the next size up unless you are a child. These fit me, but I have to stretch out the straps otherwise they pull my ears. They are just two t-shirt type layers rather than three, so I wouldn’t recommend getting them if you’re in close proximity to other people. Both and work and at the gym (pretty much the only places I go) I’m rarely near anyone besides Evan. But they work well for the gym because they’re not super stuffy.

Tresics Sharkbite Top

Still available for $10

Sharkbite Top from TJ Maxx with Old Navy jeans

This top is nice and simple, but a little more interesting than a plain long sleeved shirt. I usually wear a tank top under this (as pictured in the mask photo) because the top is thin and my torso is long. I ordered a small. It’s a little small in length and sleeve length, but that’s pretty common. I’m just built like a green bean and shirts are usually too wide or too short. I do like this though. I’ve worn it about once a week since I purchased it.

Carol’s Daughter Combing Cream

Still available for $8.

I am not a fan of this combing cream. I purchased it in our TJ Maxx haul because my hair is pretty dry here. The instructions say to use it after a shower and leave it in. I think if I had a fine tooth comb it may work better, but I’ve just used a wide tooth comb and my hands. It just makes my hair kind of stick together and a weird texture. Wouldn’t really recommend.

Carol’s Daughter Body Cream

Different scent available for $10.

Based on this product and the combing cream, I’m not a fan of this brand. My hands are super dry, so I’ve been using body cream on my hands right before bed. This is the third one I’ve tried. It seems thick at first when you scoop it out of the jar, but once you’ve let it sit for a couple minutes, it doesn’t feel moisturizing at all. It also makes my hands look oily. I think it is slightly better than regular lotion, but as far as body cream goes, it’s not very effective. Bath and Body Works body cream seems a lot better and not too much more expensive than this.

Go Zone Body Roller and Massage Balls

Still available for $15

This was the item Evan was the most excited about. He has used the foam roller more than me. It’s not a full sized one, but it’s big enough to get the job done. We haven’t quite figured out the massage balls. They’re harder than I expected. So far we’re just used them to roll weird spiky imprints into our skin because we are mature. Overall, pretty good deal for 15.

Alternative Apparel Thermal Dress

No longer available.

I like this dress in that it’s simple and seems warm. However, it’s not the most fashionable, so styling it will be interesting. I was super disappointed though. When I put this on to take the above photo, I found that the seams in the neck park had come undone. I’ll I’ve done is wash it once. Haven’t worn it for longer than 5 minutes. Pretty poor quality there. Photo of the seams below.

Dr. Jart Shaking Luminous Shot

Not available on Tj Maxx’s site anymore, but you can find it on Amazon for $7.70 or other places.

I only got this because it looked weird and I had a gift card. This mask was really weird. It comes in these two packets in the small cup. The blue paddle sticks out of the baby lid’s mouth to look like a straw. Weird design. Lots of plastic. What you do is you empty the packets into the cup. Put the lid back on and shake it while holding your finger over the baby’s mouth to keep the mask from coming out of the top. Then you use the paddle thing to spread it on your face. It’s an odd consistency. See below photo. Once it’s been on for 15 minutes I believe, you peel it off. I didn’t notice a difference in my face, but it was fun to play with the rubbery mask goo.

Laneige Lip Mask

Not available at TJ Maxx, but available on Amazon for $24.

This was probably my favorite product out of everything I got in my TJ Maxx haul. Again with the dryness, my lips are always dry. New Mexico has completely sucked the moisture out of my entire body. This lip mask helps. They’re still dry during the day, but at least when I wake up in the morning they’re nice. It’s like a thick, sticky lip balm. You just put some on your lips before going to bed and then it keeps them from being chapped overnight. Would recommend.


Some of the products I purchased were awesome. Others not so much. I read reviews of the beauty products on other websites beforehand, but they don’t seem to have been accurate for the most part. Out of everything we got in our TJ Maxx haul, our favorites are the lip mask, t-shirt material masks (in another size), sharkbite top, and foam roller. The rest were kind of eh.


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