Being able to spend time with the your significant other can be challenging at times. Whether you’re just getting to know each other and can’t seem to find the time to schedule in a date, or you’ve been married for years, but are constantly working, it’s not always easy to make time in any point of a relationship. But there are many different things you can do to give yourself more time to spend with your significant other.

We are on what I would say is the clingier side of relationships. We’re perfectly capable of doing everything in life on our own, but we’d just rather not. We’ve also lost people close to us in the past, so we’re pretty conscious of our mortality and how we could lose each other. That mindset may seem emo and morbid. We’d rather spend more time together now than regret not being together more later on. We also just like doing stuff together, which is pretty important in a healthy relationship.

So if you’re like us and want to spend plenty of time with your significant other, you probably want to know how to you can do that easily. These are just a few of the things we do to make sure time together is always a priority.

Create Routines

We promote routines a lot. They truly help in every aspect of life. Even in our relationship, routines have been beneficial. For other routines, check out our posts on our cleaning routine and our breakfast routine. Knowing when you’re going to see your significant other gives you anticipation and allows you to schedule other things around that. Examples of this could be having a set day where you go on dates, establishing when X happens, we do Y together (eg: when Evan makes a certain amount of money trading, we go out and get sushi), or scheduling a regular video chat if you’re avoiding going out right now.

We established routines pretty early on, maybe in the second month we knew each other. Evan lived on a military base about an hour away from where I lived near campus, so visiting each other took time. We couldn’t really just pick up and go meet each other during the week. Evan’s schedule was unknown day-to-day and I had school. So Evan started riding over (we both use motorcycles as our primary form of transportation back then) on Friday evenings and hanging out till Sunday afternoons.

I finished all my homework during the week, so we would have time to go out and do stuff together. There were a few times when we couldn’t stay in this routine because Evan had to work duties. We didn’t have the luxury to just text and be like “hey wanna go to a movie tonight?” so our dating routine was necessary for us to see each other consistently.

Now that we live together, we have our daily routines that include some things we almost always do together.

Find Hobbies Together

One easy way to spend time with your significant other is to find something enjoyable to do together. You may be thinking “but my hobby is just an individual activity”. Trust me if you really want to spend time with someone, you can figure out how to do something together. If your hobby serves an escape or form of self care for you, just don’t use that one for your couple hobby. But if you have something you do alone you want to do together, be creative.

Two summers ago, we go tired of hanging out in the apartment, but it was too warm to do anything outside. So we would drive to one of the local libraries, get coffee, and just read. We weren’t actively interacting other than holding hands and talking occasionally. You don’t have to be doing something exciting to enjoy being together.

Our main hobby right now is weightlifting. We go to the gym together and follow the same workout routines. The other activity we’ve been doing together since day one is riding motorcycles. Our first date was eight hours, most of that spent on motorcycles because Evan underestimated the distance and I missed a turn. Since then we’ve been on many rides together, sold our bikes, and bought matching dirt bikes. We’ll be posting videos and photos of our dirt bike adventures on our Instagram.

We pretty much always work out together and go on fun rides together. So finding an activity you love doing with your significant other can easily lead to more time with them. Whenever you do that activity, they’ll probably do it with you.

Do Random Stuff Together

In addition to specific activities together, another way to spend time with your significant other is to do random stuff. For this I mean like running errands together or just bring them along for events or activities you’re planning on doing. I’m not suggesting dragging your significant other to every girl’s night or family dinner because that’s annoying. Obviously use your discretion for which things you want to go to with your significant other.

Here’s some examples of things that seem boring, but can be fun to do with your significant other.

  • Grocery shopping
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Clothes shopping (Evan is a lot better at picking clothes for me than I am)
  • DIY projects (this can also cause friction if one of you is a perfectionist who gets frustrated easily, AKA me)
  • Cleaning
  • Studying (Evan used to quiz me with flashcards)
  • Cooking
  • Walking the dog
  • Writing blog posts (I have a laptop, so I just write in whichever room Evan is in)
  • Pretty much any errand– we’ve done everything from picking up boxes from a storage unit to registering our vehicles together. (we even got license plates one number away from each other) Do you believe that we’re clingy and weird now?


The key takeaway from this short post is that if you want to spend time with your significant other you need to prioritize it. Making it a routine to fit in your schedule consistently helps. Finding something you always do together gives you another reason to be together. Being open to doing the randomest stuff with your partner is a super easy way to have them around. You’re going to do the activity anyway, why not do it with them? If you’ve been married for years, the last point might not be as relevant, but scheduling in time and having joint hobbies may help with giving you more time together.


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