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If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably purchased some kitchen items and then had no idea how you were supposed to take care of them. Given that we’re still building up our kitchen collection, we are still learning what items need care and what we’re supposed to do with them. This post will not be all-inclusive because there’s honestly still a lot out there we don’t have or don’t know how to care for. So, we’re starting with a few basic kitchen items that we have learned how to care for properly to make them last a lifetime. Here’s your opportunity to learn from our mistakes.


Meal Prep Tools: Knife

We bought this awesome Zwilling and J.A. Henckel’s knife from Williams Sonoma. It was pretty and professional. Then I promptly scratched it up by using the back of the sponge.

Tip 1: Only use the soft part of the sponge.

Tip 2: Sharpen at least once a year and get a honing steel to use on it at least once a month. We had some cheaper knives that dulled out pretty quick, but are much better now that we started honing them too. The honing steel we have is on our Amazon Storefront: https://www.amazon.com/shop/cutecannycouple

Cutting Board

Meal Prep Basics: Cutting Board

My family gave me this beautiful cutting board from New Zealand. After about 6 months, it had started to look a little dry. I googled how to take care of a wooden cutting board to see if we were doing something wrong. We were. Turns out you’re supposed to oil wooden and bamboo cutting boards. We purchased an oil off Amazon, also in our storefront – https://www.amazon.com/shop/cutecannycouple. It has made a world of difference. Our cutting board looks brand new again.


Meal Prep Basics: Pan

We learned how to take care of pots and pans from experience. The below tips are either things we have done incorrectly or witnessed directly.

Tip 1: Do not use metal utensils (especially knives) in nonstick pans. You will kill them.

Tip 2: Make sure if your pot or pan specifies a specific temperature (like ours), that you don’t go over it. That will ruin them too.

Tip 3: Use pan protectors when stacking pots and pans to keep them from scratching each other.

Tip 4: If have a small pot that is dishwasher safe, put it in the dishwasher. For some reason we’re tried hand-washing small pots, but it doesn’t work as well as the dishwasher for them.

Both are in the kitchen section of our storefront – https://www.amazon.com/shop/cutecannycouple.


Our stovetop kettle gets mineral deposits on the bottom frequently due to our water. The easiest solution for that is letting it soak with some vinegar. It’ll take the spots right off. Since we’re just boiling water in it, we don’t wash it every time we use it because that seems unnecessary. Obviously, we do wash it, but the spots don’t come out unless we use vinegar.

Instant Pot

Meal Prep Basics: The Instant Pot

The instant pot has several different pieces. I read an article awhile back about how you’re supposed to clean your instant pot. It’s pretty common sense, but apparently someone didn’t clean one pretty obvious part and maggots grew in it. We have the 6 quart one, available on our storefront.

You can put the lid, silicone ring, and the inner pot in the dishwasher. For the longest time, we didn’t know you could do that, so we washed it all by hand. People online complain about the silicone ring being smelly, but if you just clean it each time, it’s fine. Haven’t had any issues.

Empty the little plastic rectangular condensation catcher and was that out by hand. We use wet paper towels to clean out the inside and rim of the electronic heating pot. The inside doesn’t really get dirty because of the inner pot, but it could have dust, which is why we clean that. You can get the instant pot in our storefront – https://www.amazon.com/shop/cutecannycouple.


These are just the few kitchen items we learned about how to take care of properly so they will last longer. Are there any random kitchen items that you had no clue how to clean and deal with? One time we ruined a wooden spoon because the bottom of our old pot was wearing out. So there’s a lot of trial and error in learning how to cook and clean like adults, haha.


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