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Music is one thing I haven’t really discussed here or on Instagram. However, there are very few times when I’m not listening Spotify playlists (although sometimes it’s podcasts). This post does not include the latest popular music, just because I’m not really interested in it.

I mainly listen to music from at least 10 years ago, so be warned. I am not including Evan’s listening preferences in this post because if I asked him about it, I imagine our conversation would go something like this.

Me: What are you currently listening to on Spotify?

Evan: Yes.

Me: Can you specify?

Evan: All of it.

He wouldn’t be wrong. He listens to a huge variety of things. One time one of his friends jokingly played one of the Mongolian throat singing Spotify playlists once and now it’s something he’ll just listen to on occasion. Be like Evan. Have an open mind and you might find all sorts of cool music.

I generally listen to the same types of stuff, just cuz I don’t have to think about it too much. So, here’s my list of Spotify playlists and podcasts I listen to throughout the day.


I enjoy listening to showtunes on my way to work. I have a musicals playlist that needs some updating to be honest, but it’s my go to driving playlist. Here it is, if you’d like to check it out. If you are a true theatre kid, please pardon my mix of both film and Broadway since I know films are typically fairly controversial amongst the theatre community. At least I don’t have anything from the movie version of Cats on here…

Fair warning, don’t listen to this when you’re around other people because I have some songs on here from Heathers and out of context, a lot of the songs are um weird.

For example, I was waiting in the car one day listening to Heathers, and then Evan opens the door and everyone in the parking lot heard “I LOVE MY DEAD GAY SON” coming out of my car speakers, so yeah try to avoid that awkwardness.

If you also like singing like me, playlists such as “Broadway Ballads for Belting” are great for commutes. This one has more variety than my playlist, but includes some of the same songs.

Work/Cooking/Hanging Out

I listen to the biggest variety of playlists and podcasts at work, which makes sense since I’m there the most. The genres are typically broken down as follows:

  • Musicals again
  • Vocal jazz
  • 50’s and 60’s
  • 70’s and 80’s
  • Country
  • Podcasts

I listen to all of the above at work. The genres that are best for when we’re cooking or hanging out at home are jazz, 50’s-80’s, and country.


I do not listen to my musicals Spotify playlist at work. I designed that one more for singing along with, than just listening to and enjoying. So, usually, I’ll pick one musical and listen all the way through, then move on. I’ve found that the easiest way to find new musicals is just by searching “cast recording” on Spotify, then go to the albums. Here are some of my favorites to get you started.

Some of the songs in Hair could be offensive (just skip #4 and #5 if you don’t want to hear different terms for sex and racial slurs listed off). It’s from the 60’s and discussing social and political issues from that time. It’s not PG by any means (says the girl who loved Hair since she was 9).


When I’m at work, I usually just click a Daily Mix Spotify playlist for jazz. I added it here but, it changed to something else. However, I am including the playlist we listen to while cooking sometimes. The artists I usually listen to are Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra, Michael Buble, Nat King Cole, etc. (so basically just the people everyone knows)

50’s and 60’s Pop

I grew up listening to 50’s and 60’s music quite frequently, so it’s something I go back to a lot.

70’s and 80’s

I generally listen to pop and soul from these decades. I used to listen to rock, particularly at the gym, but I kind of over-listened to it and now I’m tired of it.

Except Queen. I could listen to Queen for eternity. According to my Spotify wrapped for 2020, I was in the top 1% of queen listeners, so I’m not joking regarding my love for Queen.


I just have one country playlist that has most of the songs I remember listening to as a child, and a few more recent ones. I would say it’s mostly 90’s early 2000’s, with some older songs thrown in. I don’t stray from this one too often unless I want even older country or to see what the new stuff is (I’m usually disappointed by new country). Quick rant here, I cannot understand in what world Justin Bieber and Marshmello would be considered country. If you look at the top country songs right now, they’re on there though. Anywho, here’s my country playlist and the other Sptoify created ones I like.


My top podcast genre is true crime. Currently, there’s only three podcasts I listen to. The first two are true crime and the last is a news comedy game show, which I use to keep up on the news each week in an entertaining way. I started at the beginning of the two crime podcasts (the first episodes of each are below), but I only listen to the latest news one (the most recent at the time this post was written is below).


My workout playlists only vary a little bit from my other genres of choice. Little more pop and upbeat stuff. It’s essentially just rock, musicals (big surprise), and 90’s-2000’s pop. If you need workout ideas to go along with music, check out this post.

My rock playlist is mostly 70s-90’s rock plus a few other random songs I threw in there apparently. I made this one in 2017.


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