Seems like a pretty weird post, right? If you’re anti-social media, why are you on social media? I’ll explain that in a bit. The reason we’re sharing this is to explain our social media style and show that you don’t have to follow what everyone else is doing in order to build a following and a community.

In person, I am super shy. I probably wouldn’t talk to half the people I do if it wasn’t for Evan. Evan just isn’t into the whole social media thing. He’d rather interact in person. In general, we’re not the most active on social media, but it serves several different purposes. We love all the connections we’ve made through it.

What We Mean By Anti-Social Media

It’s not that we’re against social media or “anti-social media”. We’re just not completely in love with it. There’s a lot that happens in social media that we don’t support.

Being rude or unkind to others can be easier on social media due to the anonymity and ease in throwing out insults without needing to listen to a response. Some influencers promote unhealthy products or lifestyles. Others can cause harm without meaning to by misrepresenting themselves. This can be done through photoshopping, embracing the “highlight reel” aspect.

We don’t want to promote anything that affects people negatively. So, really we’re just anti-negative aspects of social media. Definitely in support of the positive though.

Why We’re On Social Media

If it wasn’t for the blog and connecting with other fitness folks, we wouldn’t be on social media nearly as much as we are right now. Essentially, we’re just on the blog’s Instagram account. We do have a Facebook account, but it’s so much easier to engage with people on Instagram. We use social media for finding inspiration, interacting with people we wouldn’t otherwise, marketing (doesn’t everyone nowadays?), and just sharing our life a little bit. For me it is easier to write than it is to speak, so that’s why we don’t have a YouTube or TikTok. Eventually Evan is planning on starting a YouTube channel, but that won’t be for awhile. You can read more about our future goals in this post on our life goals.

Personal Life

In the unlikely event you find our find our personal Instagram accounts (which probably won’t happen because they’re private and our last names aren’t on any of the blog stuff), you’d probably be really bored. We both post maybe once a year or less. We just don’t feel like there’s many things we care about sharing with family and friends. They know we work out and they probably don’t care to see a bunch of gym selfies, haha.


Even though we try to share a decent amount of our life on Instagram, we don’t spend much extra time trying to photograph every aspect of it. We’re just kind of like “this is cool, we’ll post it.” I’m still quiet and don’t post many videos. Evan is not a fan of photos of himself, so we don’t post those often. Even though Instagram makes an impact on the blog, it revolves around our life rather than our life revolving around it. If we’re busy, we don’t post much. In addition, since Covid, there’s not much to do here and we still avoid going out except for the gym, groceries, takeout, and work. Our life just isn’t as interesting as frequent posting necessitates. When work gets busy or other stuff is going on, I get distracted, so social media isn’t as much of a priority as I think it should be.

Posting Frequency

Continuing on the same thread as the last paragraph, we don’t post as much as we should in order to grow our Instagram. We don’t engage with people as frequently either. Early on I had more time to post, comment, etc. Then I started working and my free-time was shortened. I’ve heard that in order to grow your Instagram, you have to post daily. I don’t have enough time or photos for that, but eventually I would like to get there.

Our Social Media Style

The reason why I’m writing this post is to describe our philosophy behind our social media posts. Being genuine is one of our main focuses. Yes, we promote products, but we don’t aim to be misleading or promote anything we don’t believe it. We don’t pretend to be perfect or only show the best parts of our life. Our Instagram account goal is not for people to look at it and say “wow, I want to be exactly like them” or “they’re so pretty” , because that’s not the point. If people can look at our account and either relate to our life, get some motivation, or learn something new, then we’ve reached our goal.

We’re considered nano-influencers because we have under 10k followers. Our Instagram account started out as a marketing tool for the blog, but over time it has shifted to be pretty separate. I forget to share when there’s a new post on here and the content is more fitness-focused on there. Instagram is so much more interactive than the blog. Here I can just write whatever and people may or may not read it. On Instagram, there’s more back and forth with other people.

Even though we haven’t changed our personal accounts, we have made some changes since creating an Instagram for the blog. We take more pictures than we used to. We still don’t have many photos of the two of us on our camera rolls, but tons of photos of outfits, food, and random objects.


If you’re trying to become a successful influencer on Instagram, it can be hard to stay true to your own goals and individuality. Many people are successful with superficial posts, such as a photoshopped selfie and a meaningless one sentence long caption. But if you keep your social media accounts reflecting you and your life, you’ll find people who love your account for its realness. If you want to help people, don’t forget that’s why you started your account. If you’re trying to make money, do it in a way that sets yourself apart from the norm. This post is meant to show how and why our social media accounts are the way they are, and encourage you to just be yourself on social media. While we aren’t actually anti-social media, there are things we avoid and others we try to promote. How would you describe your social media style?


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