We may not look like the largest or most ripped people, but if you saw us a few years ago, you’d think we’d only eaten salads. We’re both pretty small naturally, so putting on weight and muscle took deliberate changes to our lifestyle. It has definitely been a journey. Here’s everything we did to change from skinny to muscular. So, this picture is what I looked like before I started lifting. Evan doesn’t have any good ones pre-lifting.

skinny me as a teenager before I went from skinny to muscular
Example of skinny me, circa 2015

Meal Prepping

Meal preps are great in several different ways.

  1. If you are counting calories and macros, you only have to calculate it once for all your meal prepped meals, then just write it down somewhere.
  2. It’s easy and saves time during the week
  3. You’re less tempted to eat food out because you already have food ready to heat up, so you’ll probably eat healthier

Here’s a link to our meal prepping post category. We meal prep our lunches on Saturdays for the week. We usually make 3 different dinners each week on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. The rest of our dinners are just leftovers from those three.

Lifting for an Hour – 5 Days a Week

Getting into a gym routine helps with consistency and thus going from skinny to muscular. We’re not personal trainers, so I don’t really get into the more detailed stuff like how many reps to do, how much rest you need, etc. because we just do what works for us. 5 days a week works well just because we like having the weekend free. We used to work out 6 days, but then we didn’t have enough time to get chores done and go dirt biking. One hour is also due to time constraints. Less than an hour doesn’t seem like enough, but if we work out longer than an hour, we’re rushing to get everything else in the evening done. Working out consistently, even if it’s not as much as we want is better than say working out a ton twice a week.

Sleeping 8 Hours

Sleep makes more a difference than you would think. There have been times when we don’t get our full 8 hours of sleep in and then when we go to work out, we’re much more tired and don’t have as much strength. The most recent time when we bott missed out on sleep and worked out, it was crazy how much of a difference there was compared to normal. Get your sleep and let your muscles rest in order to let them grow.

Stopping Cardio

I’m not suggesting that you stop cardio. I’m just letting you know that right now, we don’t do it. Before we started working out together, I would try to run a mile a couple times a week. Evan had to go on forced runs up and down hills. I was still in school, so I had more time to spend at the gym. And Evan, well didn’t have a choice. Then once I got a job, our workout time was reduced, so cardio fell the wayside. If we have more free time in the future, I think we’ll both start doing cardio again. If we did cardio now, it would take away precious weightlifting time and would require us to eat a lot more to make up for calories we’d use.

Being Patient

You don’t make gains in a day. Although, after a good leg day you may feel like it. I’ve been working out 5-6 days since 2018. I definitely saw more gains early on compared to now, but that was mainly due to going from not working out at all to eating 2 meals a day (I usually skipped breakfast out of convenience and lack of hunger), to lifting daily and eating a normal amount of food. Now my body is used to those things. In order to make more gains, I need to keep eating at a surplus and increase weights/reps. Evan started lifting again in 2019. So, we both have a couple years under our lifting belts. You can’t make dramatic changes to your strength and appearance over night. It takes years to go from skinny to muscular. You can see some of the differences on our Instagram page.


In sum, the main things you need to do in order to change from skinny to muscular are consistency and health. Broken down more, working out and eating enough are the two key elements to change.


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