Motorcycles have been there since the very beginning of our relationship. They’re a consistent motif throughout our lives. We don’t really see a lot of biker couples in our age range, so thought we’d write a little bit about it. The internet seems to hold various opinions about the phrase “ride or die” and where it came from. One is more relationship focused as in someone who will stick by your side through everything is your ride or die. Another possible origin of the phrase is from biker gangs, where the meaning is you love riding so much you’d die without it or you ride with the gang or you die. So other than the gang part, ride or die seems pretty fitting for us.

How We Started Riding (and how you can start)

We both started riding motorcycles long before we knew each other. Evan got his motorcycle permit at or around the same time he got his driver’s permit. So he’s been on two wheels for a long time. He’s owned three street legal motorcycles. Once he moved to California he got his motorcycle license.

I was living with my friend’s family when I was around 18. My friend’s dad was encouraging my friend to start riding. I was interested, so both my friend and I took the motorcycle class and then got our licenses. I don’t remember if we got the permits before or after the class. In California, if you’re under 21 you have to take the class before you can get your license. But the riding test is included in the class, so once you finish that then you don’t have to test at the DMV. If you want more details, you can check out the California DMV’s motorcycle license page here. This website has a list of requirements for each state. I’m unfamiliar with the website, so I’m not sure how accurate it is. You can always check here and then confirm the information on your state’s DMV website.

How Motorcycles Brought Us Together

We met on a dating app. That isn’t something we really bring it up to other people because it still has a stigma. Ride or die couple so far though, so it seems to be working out. We both swiped right because well we thought the other was cute and we both had motorcycles in our photos. Our first message was “hey, we should go ride together sometime”. We did. For 8 frickin hours. Insanely long date. We just rode all around SoCal. Our term for each other was “riding buddy” for months until we came to terms with the fact that we were actually in a relationship. Eventually we started doing normal date things, but we still went on rides. In our post, 3 Ways to Spend More Time with Your Significant Other, we include finding a hobby together. Riding is one of our main hobbies we do together.

Commuting on Motorcycles

I rode to school more often than I drove when I was in college. The cost of a dual motorcycle/car permit was the same as a car one. Parking at my school was ridiculous, but there were always motorcycles spots. On the off-chance there wasn’t, you could make your own spot. Motorcycles are good for that. I think in the last quarter, I just bought a motorcycle pass because it was less expensive and I didn’t drive much anyway. The one disadvantage to this was I did get kind of tired of riding just because I used it as my commuter vehicle. Evan felt the same way with his when he started riding to and from school. He has a much longer commute though. Mine was two miles, so pretty easy. Because both of us weren’t having as much fun with streetbikes, we sold them. Exactly one week after I sold mine, we bought dirt bikes. So our time as a couple without bikes was very short.

Switching from Street to Dirt

Unless you’re trying to get your knee down, street riding is pretty laid back. You obviously have to be cautious of other drivers, but there’s speed limits and laws, so it’s not like you’re racing. Our main reason for moving here was to get into dirt biking. We didn’t necessarily think we would completely quit street, but we did for the time being. I expect that we will get street bikes again in the future. We’re keeping our street gear for that reason. We’re also hoping to visit my friend’s dad in New Zealand and go on some motorcycle trips there. But for now we are just dirt biking. I’m honestly really struggling with the techniques. On street you lean with the bike on curves. In dirt you lean away from the bike. So there’s a lot of muscle memory that needs to be changed. I’ve crashed a couple times. Evan took to it a little bit quicker. He’s already trying jumps. It’s definitely a learning process.

Learning Bike Maintenance

Since I’ve been crashing so much, we’ve had to do a lot of maintenance on my bike. Dirt bikes require a little more frequent maintenance than street bikes in some ways. With street bikes, I knew how to clean and wax the chain. That was about it. Evan taught me how to change the oil. With the dirt bikes (well, mine) , we’ve had to realign the forks and fix the handlebar. Dirt bikes are a little more do it yourself with maintenance at least with our type of riding. We’re not trying to do the MX stuff or anything crazy. We’re learning new things with the dirt bikes and having fun figuring it out together.


Our relationship has always involved motorcycles and probably always will. Riding is a fun hobby that brought us together and has evolved through the different phases of our relationship. We both love riding and it’s a lot more fun together than separate.


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