Rest days. We all need them. For those of you who love working out, rest days may not be your favorite days of the week. If you’re just in the habit of working out, you may love rest days. We’re in the middle. We like our rest days and use them to do fun things, but we don’t like taking more than necessary. If you’re like us, if you don’t have anything planned for your rest days, you feel lazy and bored. To fix that, all you have to do is make a plan for your rest day.

Take an Active Rest Day

We don’t usually do active rest days, but we know many people do, especially when cutting. Active rest days are when you don’t do a regular weightlifting or cardio work out, but you stay physically active in other ways. I guess dirt biking could be considered active, in which case we do have active rest days. Other fun things or different work outs you can do to stay active include:

  • hiking
  • swimming
  • rock climbing
  • kayaking
  • snorkeling
  • yoga
  • pilates
  • dancing

Focus on Mental Health

Self-care and mental health should be a priority. Mental health is just as important as physical health, so why not use your rest days to improve it? Everyone does different things for self-care and for their mental health. Getting in a routine on your rest days to spend time on those things is good.

Actually Rest

There is a reason they’re called rest days. You need to time for your body to rest in between work outs. Take a nap. Hang out and just relax. Rest is good. Even if you’re one of those people like us who feel like they need to be busy doing something all the time, rest is needed. There may be some days when you need more rest than others. Listen to your body. You might plan on an active rest day, but be extremely sore from leg day. Just rest if you need to. Binge watch that new season you’ve been waiting on.

Work Out Your Brain

While your body is resting, you can keep your brain active. I don’t really have time to read, but reading is a great way to stay mentally stimulated. You could also write or do brain teasers. I usually work on the blog. I’m writing this on one of our rest days. Tomorrow is another rest day for us. We’ll be dirt biking. Evan likes trading and does that on our rest days as well. That definitely takes some thought.

Plan Workouts

If you’re really missing the gym, you can plan your workouts for the next week. Keeps your mind on fitness, but allows you to physically rest. This depends on your workout style. We usually stick to the same workouts weekly for a few months. This has changed due to social distancing and trying to avoid people at the gym though, so our workouts tend to be a little more spontaneous at the moment. We still stick to the same muscle groups on certain days, just change the exercises. If you’re more flexible, then maybe plan out which main lifts you’ll work on each day.

Here’s our favorite tips for fun workouts.

Meal Prep

We also meal prep on one of our rest days. Right now we have two rest days, Saturday and Sunday. Saturday is when we get all our chores done including meal prepping. Sunday is our active day. If you use the extra time when you’d be at the gym to meal prep, it will save you time on the days when you are in the gym.

Here’s some of the things we use to meal prep.


Rest days are necessary at least once a week. Take that time and use it wisely. Make your life enjoyable and fulfilling even when you’re not working out.


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