While in general, most people seem to have stopped quarantining or really caring that coronavirus is still spreading. If you’re someone like us who still tries to avoid people and play your part in reducing the spread, you’re probably not having date nights out. In addition, even if you’re not following all the protocol for coronavirus, many places are still closed, which makes going out on dates a little bit challenging. So, here’s some quarantine date ideas to keep your relationship fun while the world is falling apart this year. These quarantine date ideas are kind of similar to what we suggested in 3 Ways to Spend More Time with Your Significant Other.

Cook a New Recipe

We usually use the same rotation of recipes we gather from Pinterest. A couple weeks ago we went through my cookbooks and found a recipe to try. It didn’t turn out great, and was time consuming, but we had fun trying to figure it out together.

Get Outside

We just got dirt bikes, so our weekend activity is taking them out to the middle of nowhere. There’s a lot of outdoorsey things you can do here in New Mexico that aren’t really near other people. I know it’s definitely not like that in other states, like most of California. But sometimes you can find a hiking spot where there’s enough distance between you and others. Even if all you’re doing is taking a walk around your neighborhood, it’s nice to be outside and away from people.

Work on a Craft Project

Crafts usually keep you inside away from other people. They’re fun and you can learn a new skill together. For a while we worked on a diamond painting kit. Now we have it framed as wall art in our room. We’ve worked on little crafty things other times too. It’s cool to be able to create something decorative or useful.

Watch Something New

We usually have a tv show we watch during meals and chillout time for a couple months. A few months ago we started getting credits toward digital Amazon products for choosing no rush shipping. We used the credits to rent movies on Amazon. Two days ago, Hamilton came out on Disney+, so obviously I had to watch that. Evan went along with it. He didn’t like it, but it was something different than what we normally watch.

Attempt Videogames

I have never really been into videogames. Evan played them as a kid/teen. I pretty much just played iPhone games and Club Penguin. When New Mexico was still in lockdown, we spent a lot of our time at our friend’s garage gym. One evening we got takeout and then played Call of Duty. I died a lot and didn’t kill anyone. But it was something that was don’t usually do and it was entertaining. If you’re not going on dates with your significant other in person, there’s plenty of online games you could play together as well.

Plan Life After Coronavirus

We plan a lot. It just makes us more comfortable if we know we’re ready for what’s to come. It’s also fun to think about things we can do in a few years, like travel. If you’re prone to depressive thoughts, it can also be helpful to imagine life in the future. With people losing jobs, not having childcare, having to stay home and go to school from home, everything that’s going on in the media, etc. it’s kind of a pretty depressing time. If the present just isn’t uplifting, sometimes being future focused can help. If you’re in a newer relationship, you might not be comfortable talking about stuff far in the future. But hey, even if you break up before covid has a cure, you can still do everything you planned by yourself.

Have Fun with Self Care

By self-care I mean like the really cliché self-care stuff, like bath bombs and face masks. We used to do face masks together every week. We haven’t done that in awhile, but we occasionally do massages. We also used to do the whole bubble bath and/or bath bomb thing, but our tub is tiny here. Evan is also better at painting my nails than I am, so if you have a skilled significant other, that’s another route you could go.

Work Out

If you don’t normally work out together, this could be a fun date thing. You can do at home workouts if your gym is still closed. If you already work out together, then it doesn’t feel very datey and you can probably skip this one. If you’re not with your significant other in person, try zooming and doing a work out video For more on working out together, check out How to Work Out Together to Become Couple Goals.


These are weird times. Dating and relationships can be rough, especially when you don’t have places to go on dates. Hopefully this list gave you some quarantine date ideas.


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