Disclaimer: Important to note for this post on how to prevent acne, we are not nutritionists, doctors, estheticians, dermatologists, or really know anything. This is just what works for us. More info here.

As you may know from our post, The Best Acne Products for Adults, both Evan and I struggle with adult acne. It is not fun and we’re still trying to figure out exactly what causes it and how to get rid of it. In our journey to have clear faces (if you want to see our faces now, check out our Instagram), there are a few things we have discovered make our acne much worse. So, here’s a few things that we recommend avoiding if you’re also trying to figure out how to prevent acne. Some are pretty obvious and others took a little more thought to determine.

Greasy Foods

This is one of the most common things people recommend avoiding if you search for or ask anyone how to prevent acne. Greasy and oily foods definitely seem to be correlated with an increase in acne for us. I know there are plenty of people out there who eat fast food and have perfect skin. We are not those people. Even for Evan, if we get high-quality pizza rather than fast food type pizza, he’ll break out if there’s more oil on it than necessary. Pizza is a food we don’t eat often. It’s on our list in our post on foods we avoid even though we love it.

Activities with Helmets

I know that another of the top suggestions when you look up how to prevent acne is to avoid touching your face. I touch my face a lot, especially at work. I’ll sit there and rest my chin in my hand for a good portion of the day. Oddly enough, I haven’t seen any correlation between that and pimples. However, the more we ride motorcycles or dirt bikes, the more pimples we seem to get.

We don’t ride street bikes anymore, but when we did, I would have a lot more pimples than I do now. Currently, we ride dirt bikes, which obviously require helmets. We clean the helmet pads and everything. We used to do the same for our street bike helmets. I believe that it’s something to do with the pressure of something pressed against your face for hours and trapping everything in that causes the pimples. So, it’s similar to avoiding touching your face, but with fabric instead of your hands I suppose.

Changing Skincare Products Frequently

Also in our post on acne products, I said something about the recommended amount of time for trying a new skincare product is either 6 weeks or 3 months. Either way, if you change skincare products often or are inconsistent, you may not notice that one product is causing your skincare issues. For instance, we used this face ask scrub and I stopped using it because I thought it was bothering my face. Evan kept using it, but it was so sporadic that he didn’t connect the two. Then he started using it more frequently and realize that it also bugged his face.

The same goes for products that may help reduce the number of pimples you’re getting. If you’re constantly changing up your products, you may not know that one is helping.

Hair and Makeup Products

Hair products are probably not a super common idea for trying to learn how to prevent acne. They definitely can affect acne. We’ve notice that whenever we get pimples on our necks, it seems to be where shampoo, conditioner, etc. rinse down. Evan switched his hair products and found that to be helpful in preventing acne.

I cannot wear makeup often. There is a direct correlation to when I wear makeup and when I start getting pimples. Even when I use all the stuff you’re supposed to before putting on foundation and concealer, without fail, my acne always starts up again after wearing makeup. I guess I’ll have to suffer through makeup for our wedding day and then deal with pimples on our honeymoon haha.

Foods You Have an Intolerance to

Similar to the first section in this post, food is a big player in how to prevent acne. Eating foods you have an intolerance to seem to cause more harm than enjoyment. If you’re full on allergic to certain food, I’m assuming you avoid that already because you’d die if you ate it. I may be allergic to shrimp, but I haven’t tried it in awhile and am scared to. However, I do know I have a few food intolerances. I avoid gluten and try to limit my dairy intake. I haven’t seen a relation between how much dairy I eat and how bad my acne gets, but that’s not really something I’d want to test. Same goes for gluten.

Evan however, did test a food he knew he was intolerant of. He found that the more he ate chocolate, the worse his acne would get. Now he pretty much treats it like an allergy more than an intolerance. If gluten is a very bottom ingredient in an ingredient list, I’ll still probably eat it. If Evan sees cocoa in the very bottom of a list, he will not eat it.

So, if you know you have food intolerances, try the elimination diet with each one and see how your face or wherever you get acne reacts.


These are just the main things that we have found avoiding to be helpful for how to prevent acne. I’m sure we’ll find more and will keep you updated. What do you avoid in order to prevent acne?


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