How to Live a Sustainable, Healthy Lifestyle: Succulent

A healthy lifestyle means more than just physical health. It’s more holistic than just one area of your life. Changing your lifestyle can be difficult and short-lived if done incorrectly. While there isn’t one exact way to live a healthy lifestyle, implementing small changes and greater balance will help make your chosen healthy lifestyle more sustainable.

Saving money should not be something difficult and time consuming, because really that just defeats the whole purpose. To help you save more money without making your life more difficult, we’ve compiled a list of our easiest money saving tips.

Eating healthy is all about moderation. We’ve both had restricted diets in the past, so we allow ourselves a little indulgence. But, even though now we can eat whatever we want, there’s a few things we have stopped eating. Some of them are just for personal reasons, but others are so we stay healthier.

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