Since we moved in together (read about how we planned our move here), we don’t really go out on dates very often. We love spending time together doing anything. We have fun doing things as simple as cooking dinner together. But sometimes we have to get out of the apartment and go explore. One of our adventures a few months ago took us to Meow Wolf Santa Fe.

Date Ideas: Meow Wolf Santa Fe- Us

Pretty soon after we moved, people kept telling us we had to go to Meow Wolf. We had no idea what it was, but we had a free weekend in September and wanted to go somewhere a little out of Albuquerque, so off we went.

Evan went in expecting a typical art museum. I expected a cliche Instagram museum. Both of us were quite off in our expectations.

Date Ideas: Meow Wolf Santa Fe- Annoyed the Void

Our first clue that this was not going to be an ordinary museum was the bathroom. The walls looked like this:

Date Ideas: Meow Wolf Santa Fe- Bathroom Walls

Once you get past the ticket area, the main entrance is a house, which is fitting since this installation is called the House of Eternal Return. We went the wrong way, but since nothing seems to really be wrong there, it didn’t matter. There isn’t a specific path for seeing everything.

Date Ideas: Meow Wolf Santa Fe - Stalagmite Mirrors

The two most iconic interactive pieces at Meow Wolf are the dryer and the refrigerator. I’m not posting photos of them here because they’re better depicted in videos and probably 90% of the stuff on the internet about Meow Wolf is those two things. There’s so much other coolness at Meow Wolf Santa Fe though that I will share photos of.

Date Ideas: Meow Wolf Santa Fe- Colorful candy-like box

There are different rooms and areas with varying themes all in this one building, which appears deceptively small from the outside (Almost tardis-like.) One of the most unique aspects is all the secret passageways and different levels.

Date Ideas: Meow Wolf Santa Fe- Table

If you have time and want to analyze the House of Eternal Return with more detail, there is a whole story about a fictional family that lived in the house and disappeared. You can download an app and use it to find clues to figure out what happened. The family’s hamster went missing and he shows up throughout the installation. Here it looks like he’s been captured by the illuminati.

Date Ideas: Meow Wolf Santa Fe- Hamster

We went on a weekend where there were plenty of people, but it was still enjoyable. Going on a weekday would probably be even more fun to allow for more time to take in everything and get more photos without people in the background.

We’ll definitely be going again and I’m sure we’ll find new things even though we spent hours there last time. If you happen to live in New Mexico, check it out. If you don’t live here… check it out anyway. It’s worth your while.

Date Ideas: Meow Wolf Santa Fe- Main Open Area

The installation, House of Eternal Return in Santa Fe was created by an arts and entertainment group called Meow Wolf. At that location, they also have a cafe and bar and concerts. They are in process of creating more installations in other locations. More information here on their website on the “About” page. Tickets are $30 for adults, $20 for kids, and $25 for seniors/military. If you live in New Mexico, tickets are less and they offer half off discounts on certain days of the month.


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