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Loungewear is the new streetwear since covid right? Yeah I don’t know fashion at all, but I do know we wear loungewear essentials all the dang time. Depending on which country and state you’re in, you may be out and about already, or you may be stuck at home like us. We can go do things like hike or ride dirt bikes, but it’s cold here currently, so we haven’t been inclined to do so. That’s pretty much it. Can’t eat at restaurants except on patios and again, the cold doesn’t make that seem like a fun option. If it’s cold where you are too, we have another post about comfy cozy items. So, we spend most of our time just hanging out here. Since we’re at home unless we’re working or running errands, we’re in loungewear a lot.

Evan’s Loungewear

Tank Tops

Evan wears tank tops pretty much all the time, so he has a decent supply of them in the closet. The most recent ones he purchased were from Amazon. He has bought two or three sets from this brand. They’re comfortable enough to wear around here and at the gym. Neleus has plenty of different colors and are a pretty decent price.


I was listening to Crime Junkie on Spotify the other day and this suspect was noted to be suspicious because he was covered in blood and wearing shorts when it was below freezing. If that’s suspicious, then Evan must be all over police’s radar because he wears shorts constantly, no matter the temperature. He has joggers, but typically opts for shorts. These are the same brand as the tank tops. Both of us have gym clothes from them and they’ve lasted awhile. These are the gym shorts that also work well as loungewear essentials.

Maisy’s Loungewear


I can’t find the same sweatpants that I wear all the time because I got them from Target probably 10 years ago or longer. They’re pretty basic though, just black loose-fitting sweats with a white drawstring. Target doesn’t seem to have regular sweats anymore, but they have ones that seem like the jogger version of one of my favorite loungewear essentials. I did a little digging on Amazon and couldn’t find many options for just regular non-jogger black sweatpants. I guess they’re just really not in style anymore. Anyways, my sweats from target have lasted forever and are more comfortable than my Gymshark joggers (which are kinda really unflattering tbh). I’m not really impressed with Gymshark, but that’s a whole different topic. Black sweatpants are great because they just work with everything and they don’t really stain like lighter colors.


I’m usually in a t-shirt at home. I have tank tops, but t-shirts are more comfortable for me when I’m just hanging out. Looser-fitting ones are preferable, so I generally wear my unisex ones rather than shirts specifically for women. Also, Evan’s shirts he’s too muscular for are quite comfy as well. One of my favorite brands for t-shirts is Global Culture. I have several shirts from them. They hold up well in the wash and have cute, funny graphic designs. If you are more like Evan and like wearing tank tops around the house, here are the ones I have from Neleus on Amazon.


Roughly half of my comfy hoodies are hand-me-ups from my younger brother. I’ve been wearing big hoodies at least since high school. I got a hand-me down hoodie from a girl who got the hoodie from her football player boyfriend. It was huge. I wore it all the time. So, I have like 2 hoodies that I would say actually fit. The rest are big and bulky, which I love wearing as some of my loungewear essentials at home. Since my hoodies are either from organizations or small businesses without websites, I don’t really have websites to link here. However, if you like the large sweatshirt style, I would recommend shopping at thrift stores because hoodies are not cheap brand new.


Sometimes on rare occasions I try to look cute at home. At those times, the loungewear essentials I go to are matching sets. I have two. They are both from Amazon. The blue set is a little big on me, but it is softer than the red set. I don’t wear these that often though, especially when it’s cold. Sweats, a tee and a hoodie are the easiest for me because I have to walk Chili. I’m lazy and don’t want to change into other clothes, but I’m not comfortable wearing these sets out in our apartment complex. They’re fine for just in the apartment though.


Again with the recurring motif throughout my fashion posts, the shorts I wear the most are like 8 years old. They’re cheer shorts from Soffe. Unsurprisingly, I got them when I was still cheerleading, which was ages ago. They’re comfy and I’m just used to them because I’ve been wearing them for so long. They also have a large variety of color options. I purchased them from sports stores, but they are available on Amazon.


Now that most of us probably spend more free time at home than out doing things, loungewear takes up a big chunk of our wardrobes. All the loungewear essentials in the post are the tried and tested ones we wear most frequently. Hope you find them to be as reliable and comfortable as we do.


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