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While “long hair don’t care” seems to be a phrase from the 60’s and has a sassy tone to it, it‘s also a pretty accurate description of my hair care routine.

I have extremely long hair, but a very short length of time and amount of money I want to spend on it.

I will be completely honest in saying my hair is not flawless or special. It’s really just long. I have split ends and I’m still growing out a bad balayage from 5 years ago. I don’t follow a lot of the rules for growing out and having healthy hair. They just don’t work for me, but I’ve figured out my minimalist routine and I still have hair, so it seems to be working. “Long hair don’t care“ sums up my hair care routine or what really should be called my anti-care routine.


We try to save as much money as possible. This usually results in purchasing generic and/or “lesser quality” products. I’m currently using the Walmart Equate brand version of Head & Shoulders. My body cannot adapt to New Mexico dryness, so dandruff is unfortunately a thing. I honestly can’t wait to move out of the desert.

So anyway my scalp is dry and annoying. I use Suave Deep Moisture Replenish Conditioner because again, dryness. Evan and I actually use the same conditioner. Those are the only products I use on a regular basis.

Suave Professionals Shampoo, Deep Moisture, 12.6 oz

When I take non-gym photos for Instagram, I spritz my head with a little water and slick all the wispies down. I repeat that every ten minutes or so and then it goes back to being crazy and the essence of “long hair don’t care”. My hair always represents long hair don’t care in the gym.

On the rare occasions I want to actually look like a put-together adult, I use It’s a 10 to try to make my hair calm down. I also use it as a heat protectant if I curl my hair. It takes at least an hour to curl though, so I avoid that unless I’m really trying to look good.

It’s a 10 Haircare Miracle Leave-In Product, 10 fl. oz

Washing and Drying

Although most people do not recommend it, I wash and condition my hair everyday. Even with the long hair don’t care attitude, I do care about whether I look and feel gross. The main reasons I wash my hair everyday are because of the dry scalp and because we work out six days a week in a gym without AC. Even if my hair didn’t look gross after all that, I would definitely feel like it is.

After a shower I leave my hair up in the towel for maybe half an hour until it stops being drippy. Then I just let it air dry. I haven’t owned a hair dryer, so I’ve only used them maybe 5 times in my life.


Another hair rule is to never brush or comb your hair while it’s wet. Yet another one I break. I condition my hair in the shower and comb it out with a large, wide tooth comb while it is still slippery. Gets the knots out and doesn’t cause breakage. I comb my hair out with a slightly smaller wide tooth comb in the mornings when I get up because bed head.


I keep my hair in a high ponytail 90% of the time I’m awake. If I leave it down it just ends up everywhere and in my face. Low ponytails make me look like a founding father. Braids take time and I’m lazy. I have too much hair for buns. They end up looking massive on top of my head or don’t stay up.   So high ponies are my go-to style.

It took me ages to figure out what to do with my hair at bed time. For awhile I was doing high buns to keep it from getting tangled. It ended up making my head/hair hurt. You know when you keep your hair in one style and when you take it out or move it, it hurts? Low buns didn’t work because they were too big and I couldn’t sleep on my back or side. For a long time I couldn’t sleep with my hair down because it would be too tangled. After my most recent haircut I’ve been sleeping with it down and it has been fine. The healthier hair doesn’t tangle as easily.


I have had five haircuts since I started high school. Yeah I would say my hair is pretty low maintenance.

The first one was by my mom. It featured side bangs. Quite a look. I will not be repeating that style.

The next one was by someone my other mom knew. It was shorter than I wanted. After high school, I found a stylist on Facebook who had what seemed like a good deal. She cut and balayaged my hair. The hair cut was atrocious. She gave me bangs that were so short her reassurance was “they’ll grow out”. So even she knew it was awful. The balayage was terrible. It just looked like random splotches of hair were bleached. It still hasn’t grown out completely because she bleached so high on my head. After that experience I was afraid to let anyone do anything to it for years.

So I guess even though I’m usually like long hair don’t care, sometimes I care.

Eventually my ends started bothering me. I must’ve griped about them a lot because one time when Evan was on deployment, my roommate told me we were going to get coffee. She ended up taking me to her hairstylist and said Evan had arranged everything and paid for my haircut. I just got a trim, nothing crazy. Seriously he was in another country, but managed to work all that out to surprise me.

Evan cut my hair most recently. It looks good and cost $0. I think he’ll be my hairstylist from now on.


Everyone seems to have a different hair care routine. Some don’t work for other people and their hair types at all. There are a few general rules people usually follow with hair care. Several of those don’t work for me.  Don’t feel stuck just doing you hair how you’ve been told to growing up or what some celebrity tells you. Even if your hair care routine seems unconventional, but it works for you, keep it up. Do what helps keep your locks gorgeous. Don’t be afraid to experiment with products or routines.


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