If you’ve been following along on our journey so far, you’re probably aware we’re not your typical couple in their twenties.

You know we love working out. We don’t go out much. We’re busy everyday. We work hard to save money. We’re not the most exciting people haha.

But what you don’t really know is why we’re like this.

In our About page, we describe our background a little bit, but the future is the driving force behind our lifestyle. 

So this post is going to lay out why we even have a blog and why we live this lifestyle.

The ultimate goal behind everything we do is freedom.

If you think about it, isn’t that what a lot of life goals are focused on? Financial freedom, freedom to travel, freedom to spend your time how you choose, etc. So in that respect, we’re not unique. Everyone wants freedom.

But we believe we’re different because of our specific goals, and how we are actively working to reach our life goals even though most of them are far in the future.

These are our goals:

Fitness and Health Life Goals

  • Remain healthy through the rest of our lives by eating right and working out
  • Possibly compete (Evan-powerlifting, Maisy-bikini)
  • Look good and feel good (who doesn’t?)
  • Share our fitness and health focused lifestyle in hopes of inspiring and motivating others

Financial Life Goals

  • Generate passive income streams
    • Stock market investing
    • Blog
    • Real estate
  • Break out of the 9-5 cycle
  • Retire/work for ourselves by our 30’s or 40’s
  • Have a house within 5 years

Relationship Life Goals

  • Obviously stay together forever
  • Get married within 5 years
  • Have kids around 30
  • Move closer to family

Some of them seem pretty high life goals right? It can be overwhelming to have large goals. That’s why it is important to have short-term goals and to always work towards the long-term goals, so it just becomes a part of your routine.

Here are the things we do on a day-to-day basis to work towards our life goals:

Fitness and Health

We’re working towards staying healthy, improving enough to maybe compete, looking and feeling better by doing two things. We go to the gym everyday except Saturdays. Basically the only reasons why we ever skip the gym are because of overtime at work, illness, or unusual circumstances like spending time with family (our families are in other states). The second thing we do to reach our health/fitness life goals is cooking 90% of our meals. Cooking our own food instead of eating out a lot also helps us save money (for more details on that, check out our post, 5 Things to Cut Out to Save Money). We share photos and write about our fitness and health focused lifestyle here on the blog and on Instagram.


A lot of our time goes into working on reaching our financial life goals. They are all connected, so what we do for one, also gets us closer to another goal. Currently the passive income streams we’re focusing on are stock market investing and the blog/Instagram. Evan trades every weekday morning when the stock market opens. In his free time he researches new strategies and talks to other traders to learn how to improve.

I tie Instagram and the blog together, but realistically they’re two completely different platforms which require different strategies and time.

I’m on Instagram every morning, lunch (when I take one) and in the evening. This is to support and engage with other fitness lovers and companies for collaborations, and to build up our following. We’ve found a very supportive community on Instagram we love being a part of. On the financial side, the influencer market is continuously growing. Our Instagram account is still small, but eventually we hope to work with companies and generate income through Instagram. We’re currently collaborating with a couple growing companies, Majesty Fit Gear and Powerflex Gym.

Every Sunday I write a new blog post and schedule it for Wednesday. A few things I need to work on to gain income through the blog are to join more affiliate programs and to promote the blog and new posts more. Both of those are more short-term goals that will ultimately assist in reaching our long-term goal of obtaining a passive income through the blog.

I’m currently working as a legal assistant from about 8:15-5:30. I like my job. My two bosses are great. My co-workers are fun to be around. But I don’t want to have an office job for the rest of my life. I’m earning money now, saving it, and investing in a retirement account so that we will have even more financial stability in the future.

That leads to another of the small steps we’re taking to have greater financial freedom later on. We both have retirement accounts. I know that’s generally not something college students and recent grads think about much, but it helps significantly later on in life. We know of some people a little bit older than us who chose to stop contributing to their 401K in order to have money right now because they just didn’t care about the future.

We’ve also started researching and reading about real estate, so that we’ll have some knowledge when it comes time to buy a house and rental properties. 

We don’t buy much other than food and necessities, which is where the frugal living and “canny” part of the blog come in to play. It’s easy to spend a lot of money because you have it now, but saving and investing it will help build a financially stable foundation.

So yeah, our life seems boring right now. We’re basically always working, going to school, studying, working on other forms of income, or doing chores.


Our relationship is one of the things we value the most. Being together is really what led us to develop these goals and push ourselves. We don’t set aside time very often for our relationship because we do little things everyday to show our affection. Other than during work and school, we’re always together. All of our relationship goals will come in time. We don’t have to put in extra work for those goals. We’ll move closer to family after Evan finishes school, so nothing is needed for that right now.


We hope this post shed some light on why the blog exists, why we have this lifestyle, and what our life goals are.

What are your goals? How do you work towards them on a daily basis? What makes you unique?


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