As the saying goes, the early bird gets the worm. In this case, you want to start developing useful habits as early on in life as you can. I just put twenties here because I feel like we’ve focused these habits the most in our twenties, but started working on them in our teens. No matter how old you are, you can start developing these lifelong habits to better your life.

Caring for Yourself

Self care has definitely become more prevalent in the most recent years. You can check out our whole category of self care posts for instance. But, self care really should go beyond just taking bubble baths. You just don’t see that kind of self care depth in the media much though. Caring for yourself should be about your health, mental health, your future, and prioritizing yourself. For example, some things I’ve had to work on and still am working on are:

  • Setting boundaries (like not being available for work 24/7)
  • Expressing my opinion
  • Paying attention to my health
  • Working on stressing less.

You will probably have different things to work on in caring for yourself, but those are just some that I’m still working to improve. If you don’t pay attention to yourself and know what you need, it can help to talk to a therapist. Sometimes we focus so much on others that we don’t really acknowledge our own needs.

Working Out

Fitness is one of our favorite lifelong habits. It’s awesome on multiple levels. Working out makes you look better. It makes you feel better physically and mentally. It keeps you healthier. Once you find whatever sport or fitness activity you enjoy, keep doing it until it’s a habit. Weightlifting is such a habit for us that even when we’re not feeling great or don’t want to go, we usually end up going anyway. It’s just part of our life now. Working out is a fun lifelong habit that has numerous benefits.


I feel like when you’re in school, you don’t enjoy learning that much. It gets better in college, but at least for me in high school, everything just felt forced. Like I don’t care about trigonometry. But, once you’re out of high school and college, if you want to learn anything, you have to put in the effort to research it. We both like to learn about different topics. When you don’t have a teacher spoon-feeding you information, it’s up to you expand your mind and make learning one of your lifelong habits.

For instance, Evan loves trading and is always trying to learn more about it and improve in it. I’m currently trying to learn more about bodybuilding just for fun. At work, I continue to learn more about law. I’ll ask the attorneys questions or just research stuff if I have no idea what they’re talking about. If you get in the habit of seeking out new info, it will benefit you now and later on.

Cooking for Yourself

Cooking is one of the great lifelong habits for health and financial reasons. We eat out about once a week and I usually go out with co-workers for lunch once as well. Other than that, we cook everything. We save so much money cooking our own food. It saves time as well. I just have to go pop my lunch in the microwave at work rather than having to order food or go out and buy it.

It’s also a necessity if you have any dietary restrictions. Gluten-free food out can be pretty pricy. It’s much easier to just buy the ingredients we know are safe and make meals. It’s easier to control what is in your food. If you’re into fitness and tracking calories/macros, it’s easier to gauge portions and ingredients compared to eating in restaurants, since you know what you added and how much of it.

Very few people go through their whole lives without ever cooking. Even if you don’t need to cook right now, you probably will need to in the future. Pinterest is a helpful resource for finding new recipes.

Helping Others

You can focus on caring for yourself and also help others. I grew up volunteering and donating to charity, but I know that not everyone does. In high school, community service was required, but often you could get credit for it by doing things that didn’t really benefit the community much. I’m not currently volunteering, but I used to regularly when I was in school.

The reasons for helping others are pretty obvious. Life isn’t all about you. You should do your part to help the world. It also makes you feel better about yourself if you do good for other people.


If you sleep enough, your energy levels during the day will be better. Your lifts will be easier (if you weightlift). You will probably be in a better mood most of the time. You’re able to function better mentally. Sleep is also when your body rests and recovers. It’s necessary to sleep enough. Everyone has a different ideal amount of sleep. We usually do well with 7.5-8 hours of sleep. I know other people who do well with like 4 hours, which is crazy to me. It may take a bit to figure out how much sleep your mind and body need, but it’s good to stick to that as much as possible once you’ve determined it. Getting enough sleep is crucial to your health and being your best.


Investing is the new saving. When I was a kid, I was told to save money as much as possible. I wasn’t taught about investing that much. It is definitely worthwhile and more beneficial in the long run than saving. In particular, having a retirement account is key. Other investments include real estate, index funds, various stock market things (I don’t really mess with that stuff. Evan just works on his day trading, which is safer than individual stocks). At least have investing on your radar so you’re not just putting money into a savings account where it loses value due to inflation.


Obviously there are numerous lifelong habits that are great to develop. These are just a few that we think are important to work on early in your life.


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