Black dress outfit – styling and dress/accessory ideas

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Nothing is more classic than a little black dress. If your style is similar to mine, then most of your dresses are probably black. I have several different styles of black dresses. Out of my 16 dresses, 7 of them are black. In this post, I’ll show you how I would style each of them in different ways (photo heavy post). I have everything from a kid-size dress to a formal dress because you can’t go wrong with a black dress right? I’ll also include links to each dress or similar ones if I can’t find the exact one. Let’s get started on styling little black dress outfits!

Off the Shoulder

black dress outfit with pink earrings
Date night or dinner style

Original dress from a thrift store. Original earrings were gifted by my aunt. Original shoes were from DSW.

Similar dress from Amazon:

Similar earrings: $8.71 JennsHandmadeJewelry

Similar shoes (can’t find anything very close, so these ones just have some of the same elements):

black dress outfit most casual
Everyday outfit

Original jacket was a hand-me down. Original necklace from Forever 21.

Similar necklace: $87 ChainMettle on Etsy

Similar jean jacket: $20 Old Navy

Waterproof booties: $119.99 DSW

black dress outfit with blue earrings

Original earrings were made by me.

Similar earrings: $18.00 Angelwear Creations on Etsy

black dress outfit with snowflake earrings

Original earrings were from Claire’s.

Similar earrings from Amazon:

black dress outfit with pearl earrings

Original earrings were inherited.

Similar earrings:

Patterned Maxi

black dress outfit with maxi dress

Dress from Amazon:

Similar earrings:

Shoes: $44.98 DSW

Vintage Style Polka Dots

black dress outfit with polka dots
Semi-nice Event

Original Dress from Steady Clothing.

Original shrug from Dress Barn.

Similar dresses from Amazon:

Similar shrugs from Amazon:

 cz necklace

Necklace: $54.90 from Berricle (includes matching stud earrings). $36.90 for just the necklace.


black dress outfit with jean jacket
Casual Night Out

Dress: $20 from Fashionability Boutique

Shoes from American Eagle, not currently produced, but these exact ones are all over Poshmark and Mercari.

Similar Necklaces:

black dress outfit with tights
Family Dinner Outfit

Original tights from Target.

Original Bracelets from Betsey Johnson.

Similar Tights from Amazon:

Similar Bracelets from Amazon:

 bracelet stack
The bracelets were part of a set from my aunt.

Maxi with Ties

black dress outfit with tie dress
Honestly this is such a simple look, it could be anything from a summer wedding to visiting museums

Dress originally from Lily & Basil’s

Similar Dresses from Amazon:

black dress outfit with rainbow jewelry
This bracelet was made by my mom for me when I was maybe 5 or 6. It has a fairy charm on it somewhere.

Original bracelet made by my mom.

Original earrings from Claire’s

Similar earrings from Amazon:

Similar bracelets:

kiwi necklace
I bought this necklace when I was visiting family in New Zealand.

Necklace originally purchased in New Zealand.

Similar necklaces:

Butterfly Midi

black dress outfit
I haven’t worn this dress anywhere yet. It was on sale and elegent, sparkly, yet pretty simple

Dress originally from Nest

Similar dresses:

 black necklace
Evan gave me this necklace and it coincidentally coordinates with my engagement ring!

Original necklace was a gift from Evan.

Similar necklaces:


black dress outfit with prom dress
This was my prom dress! It still fits for the most part. Keeping it around in case we ever do something fancy.

Dress originally from Epiphany Boutique. There are several on Poshmark. The brand is Faviana.

Earrings originally from Claire’s.

Similar dresses from Amazon:

Similar earrings:


So, if you haven’t gathered, most of these dresses and accessories are oldish. They aren’t trendy. A lot were either given to me, bought 5+ years ago, or from a small shop. My fashion posts won’t really fit with what’s popular right now. Hope this post gave you some ideas for interesting outfits or some new pieces to shop for.


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