At some point in your life you will probably feel like you’re in a rut in some way or another. Since covid, I haven’t really felt in a rut per say, but I feel like life can be somewhat monotonous. Work, sleep, gym, eat is pretty much how our life goes right now haha. I do love our life together, but sometimes we need to shake it up a little. Here’s some ideas for how to get out of a rut and what we do to make life interesting!

Change Your Style

I like to make work interesting and get out of a style rut by just adding a couple of items to my wardrobe to change it up a little. Even just buying hair scarves made my outfits different. If you have a huge wardrobe already, then maybe try picking some items that you’re super fond of or don’t wear often, then try to incorporate those into your outfits. Link to the fashion section here.

Try a New Hobby/Research.

One of the weird things about my personality is that I like to research things with most of my free time when I decide I’m interested in it. I’m a planner and like to figure things out ahead of time and just look things up. So, for instance, wedding research even though we can’t really plan the wedding yet. Also trying to learn more about bodybuilding. If you research a ton before starting a new hobby, that will keep your interest and give you something to do. Then the hobby or whatever you’re researching will be something new and you’ll have a bit of background on it.

Go Somewhere New

We haven’t done this one in awhile just because of covid and we’re trying to save money. Occasionally we will go hiking. There’s a bunch of different trails here, so that’s a pretty inexpensive way to explore. If you are traveling or aren’t worried about spending too much, then day tripping on the weekends to another city or town can be a good way to break up the monotony. Also combining new hobbies with different places, like going to a bowling alley or going to a rock climbing gym can be fun.

Eat Different Foods

If you’re like us and pretty much eat the same foods most of the time, then sometimes trying different foods, cooking different meals, going to different restaurants, etc is one thing to try when figuring out how to get out of a rut. If you start eating more fruits or veggies, for instance, then you might feel better and that might help as well. Variety makes things interesting.

Change Your Routine

It doesn’t matter what aspect of your life is at issue. If you need to determine how to get out of a rut, try changing your routine. It doesn’t have to be drastic. If work doesn’t seem to be interesting anymore, change up the order of your tasks for the day. If you’re not feeling creative, change your environment. Go somewhere else and try to work on your project. If your relationship feels like it’s not moving anywhere, talk about it. Figure out something new to try or break out of your communication routines. Say I love you more often. Stuff like that. If your workouts are boring, try doing more volume with lower weight for a session. Just come up with something slightly different that might provide variation in your routine.

Take a Day Off

If work is where you feel you’re in a rut, take a break. Take a day off. I am one of those people that tries to avoid taking time off unless it’s necessary just because I’d have to catch up on everything I missed whenever I get back, which stresses me out. Sometimes, you need to get out for a bit though. This also goes for if you do creative work or other work for yourself. If you feel like you’re just running into a wall, take time away from it and come back. You might have a refreshed mind. This can also be implemented into your workout routine. If you’re just not mentally into a workout, skipping one won’t kill you.

Connect with New People or Reconnect

Meeting new people and gaining new experiences with them is fun (well, sometimes in my opinion). However, if you’re Evan, then meeting new people is awesome. I also try to stay in contact with family and old friends. New interactions can help you get out of a rut. If you’re looking for help, go to people you trust or think would like to help you. You can get different viewpoints, opinions, information, etc. from others. Feel free to connect with us on Instagram. If you really feel stuck in a rut, talking to a therapist may help as well.


Hope this post is helpful on how to get out of a rut. The main takeaway is to just make small changes. Add variety in various aspects of your life.


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