Makeup isn’t everyone’s priority. But just because you’re not into putting on a full face everyday doesn’t mean you don’t want to look and feel your best. I’ll go over some of the ways I keep myself looking professional and comfortable with the no-makeup look.

A bit of background on why I don’t wear makeup:

  1. My skin hates makeup
  2. My job is casual dress, so I don’t feel like I have to look a certain way to do well in it.
  3. Because of covid, we don’t really go out.
  4. We work out a lot. Our gym is warm and I don’t want to sweat foundation all over the place.

I’ve tried makeup for sensitive and acne prone skin, used primer, etc. Nothing helps. I still break out most of the time when I wear makeup.

I wear a hoodie and jeans to work most of the time. I don’t feel a need to wear makeup at work. Especially since covid, few people besides the attorneys and staff are in the office. Everyone there already knows what I look like without makeup, so I don’t have to wear it to fit in or anything.

We go to the gym, grocery store, and out dirt biking. Makeup doesn’t make sense for any of those things.

So, enough about why I do the no-makeup look and let’s move on to how to achieve the no-makeup look.

If this was one of those feminist posts like I follow on Instagram, this post would just say “How to achieve the no-makeup look. Step 1. Don’t wear makeup. Step 2. Done” However, while I do agree that you don’t have to do anything besides not wear makeup to rock the no-makeup look, I’m just discussing other ways you can amp up your appearance without makeup.


Taking care of your skin can help you look refreshed and awake without makeup. If you have acne prone skin, check out our post on the best acne products for adults. Both of us still struggle with acne from time to time. Our skincare routine isn’t crazy, but it keeps our skin looking pretty good. We just use Cetaphil face wash, generic sensitive skin moisturizer, and either Differin or Proactiv (same ingredients in the gel). We also use a salve for healing acne scars, which we also discuss in the linked post above.

If you don’t have acne, then you have a little more freedom in being able to try new skincare products and routines. For those of you who have acne, remember to try one product for about 6 weeks or more before trying anything new, just so you can tell which product works or if it causes any breakouts. Moisturizing is key for any face type. Also moisturize your neck and collarbone area to help prevent wrinkles when you’re older (at least that’s what my aunt told me).


Your hair probably frames your face. If it doesn’t, then you have a short haircut or are bald, both of which are statement looks and you don’t really need to worry about this section. Styling your hair can help you change your look with no-makeup. Or if you’re like me, you can just throw it up in a ponytail and not give it a second thought. If you’re in that boat or want to spend less time on your hair, check out my post on minimalist hair care.

You can easily bring out a cute no-makeup look with a sleek hairstyle and a flattering outfit. My go-to hairstyle for stuff like job interviews (when I was job searching, obviously) is the flip through ponytail. Super easy, but looks nicer than my regular high pony. I rarely wear my hair down because it gets in my way, but if you don’t have crazy Rapunzel hair, keeping it down is also an easy style. The half up pony is another one I use fairly often. But anyway, if you’re looking to up your no-makeup look, research hairstyles that will accentuate your face shape. For instance, my face is kind of round, so to me it looks better if it’s at least partially pulled up. I also tend to look like the ghost from The Grudge or Cousin It because it ends up in my face. So yeah if you’re trying to be cute, avoid the whole creepy ghost look.

In addition to the hair on your head, grooming your eyebrows, curling your lashes, and dealing with any unwanted facial hair is another way to work on your look without makeup. I have monolids, so lash curling doesn’t work for me. Tweezers so far have been the easiest for eyebrows, upper lip, and sideburn hair for me.


Yeah I wouldn’t say I’m super confident, but if you are confident, then you can do whatever and you’ll look and feel great with no-makeup. Confidence helps. I’m not a confident person, but I also don’t care to spend much brain power on things like whether other people think I look good with or without makeup. If you are still working on growing confidence like I am, check out my post on dealing with body image dissatisfaction. One of the things I talk about in that post is not comparing yourself to others. On a related note, if you look up photos of celebrities without makeup, which is often one of those sleazy tabloid things, you’ll see that they too are human and don’t naturally look like they do on the red carpet. So, especially don’t compare your no-makeup look to someone’s professional makeup artist designed look.


Sleep is crucial for your health. If you’re not feeling good, you’re not going to feel confident and happy with your look. Sleepless nights also cause dark circles and stuff like that. I never look good if I haven’t slept, although Evan would say otherwise cuz he’s a good boyfriend. Also, if you’re working out, you need sleep and rest for your muscles to repair themselves. If everyone is looking at your muscles, then who cares if you’re wearing makeup? Unless you’re competing in shows, in which case you’re judged on muscles and makeup, but that’s beside the point. Sleep enough. Feel good. Look good. That’s all I got.


Just cuz you’re not wearing makeup doesn’t mean you can’t be creative with other aspects of your look. Fashion can make a huge difference in your overall presentation. As stated in the beginning, I don’t try to look cute much, but if you are trying to, then finding a style or just wearing clothes you love can help with confidence and your no-makeup look. My style is the same as it was in high school. I had a period of like a year where I tried to wear cute stuff, but then I started riding motorcycles and wore boots, jeans, and a leather jacket daily. Makeup really doesn’t work well with motorcycle helmets. Oh yeah another reason why I’m not into makeup right now is because of masks. I don’t want my masks to get makeup on them or push that stuff into my skin more. Totally forgot about masks for a second there. They’re another way you can express your style with no-makeup. If you’re in a cool mask, no one will really notice most of your face because it’s half covered anyway.

Don’t forget accessories! Jewelry, scarves, hats, etc can really add to a look. I keep it simple with a black stone necklace Evan gave me, but most of my outfits are either black or dark jewel tones, so it works well with everything.


Hydration helps you stay healthy. Being healthy helps you feel good. Feeling good will help you look good, because it doesn’t really matter whether other people think you look good. If you look good to you, that’s what matters. Also if you drink enough water, you’ll spend a lot of time running to the bathroom to pee, so you can check out your beautiful makeup-less face in the mirror frequently. It’s a win-win. If you struggle with drinking enough water, be sure to get some ideas from our post on staying hydrated. Here’s a quick post from the Mayo Clinic on hydration and skin if you’re looking for more information.

Non-Makeup Products

Just because you’re opting for the no-makeup look doesn’t mean you can’t use other products for your appearance. Here’s a list of a few we use:

Other things that add to your overall aura could be perfume, other hair products, nail polish,


The main takeaway from this post is to do what makes you feel good and healthy, and it’ll be reflected in how you look. Makeup or no-makeup, I think that concept should be promoted. You may be gorgeous, but if you’re feeling crappy or don’t see how amazing you look, then it doesn’t matter. These tips are just what you can do to help with your appearance through improving your health, growing confidence, and caring for yourself.


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