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Once you’ve been working out awhile, sometimes one of the challenges to overcome is becoming bored or burnt out.

If you’ve really gotten into a fitness routine, it can start to seem like just that, a routine. But you want to keep working out, right?

It can be difficult to come up with ways to have fun workouts. If you’re primarily goal driven, having fun might not be your top priority for working out, but why not enjoy the process? Here’s a few ways we’ve had more fun with workouts.

Working Out Together

If you follow us on Instagram or have read our posts “How to Work Out Together to Become Couple Goals” or “How to Start Working Out”, you know that we’ve been working out together for several months now.

We enjoy it. We do spend as much time together as possible though, so if your significant other gets on your nerves often, working out together might be a bit rough. Or it could it be a blast. Every relationship is different.

But anyways, we tease each other and talk during breaks, so being at the gym is more enjoyable when we’re together.

Finding a gym partner or bringing your significant other can lead to a fun workout because

  • They probably have new ideas you can incorporate into your workout
  • Hanging out with friends or a loved one is usually fun in general
  • You might go heavier or get more reps because you have a spotter you trust

Tracking and Rotating Workouts

We’ve mentioned this before in other posts, such as “How to Start Working Out”, but we track our workouts on an app called Jefit. It is honestly glitchy pretty frequently, which is annoying, but we’ve been using it for so long we don’t want to restart with a different app and it gets the job done.

Logging workouts helps because you don’t have to memorize how much weight, how many reps, and the order of the exercises, so it can make your workouts easier.

In total we have 12 workouts. For 6 weeks we do the same 6 workouts and then switch to the other 6 for the next 6 weeks. This may be too boring of a routine for some, but it works for us. It really depends on your personal preference. 

However, even if you change up your workout every day , logging everything you do in your workout can be helpful because if you feel like you’re just doing the same few exercises or are feeling stuck, you can look at previous workouts to find something you haven’t done in awhile.

Sometimes if we’re tired of an exercise, we’ll swap it out with another even if it’s not in our routine. We strive for consistency, but with enough change every few weeks to keep it interesting.

Getting New Gym Clothes

New workout clothes are a fun way to build up your confidence. We don’t get new clothes very often. Recently we both got new shirts from Powerflex Gym and took pictures during rests and after our workout.

Evan doesn’t seem to care that much about new clothes for the aesthetic like I do, but he does care about new clothes because he’s been making so many gains his clothes keep becoming uncomfortable.

Comfort and confidence: two things gym clothes can do to aid in a fun workout.

Changing Workout Music

I usually listen to older music, like 50’s-90’s. A lot of the older stuff isn’t really great music for the gym. Rock can be pretty good, but I’ve been listening to it so long it seems like it’s just the same songs on repeat. Sometimes I switch it up and listen to whatever Evan listens to, which is generally more metal.

Music makes a difference in the tone and pace of your workout. Listening to acoustic guitar during an evening workout is more likely to put me to sleep than to get me through an extra rep. If you’re getting bored with your routine, see if your music is part of what is boring you. Try something different. Even if it’s not music you’d normally listen to, it might just re-energize you for your fun workout.

Interacting with Other Gym-Goers

Thanks to Evan the social butterfly, there are several people we talk to basically every time we’re at the gym.

Socializing can be a distraction and take up extra time, but it also makes it fun. Similar to working out with a friend or significant other, you can learn from other people at the gym. Recently Evan and I switched to doing low bar squats and got tips from one of the other gym regulars. So, in addition to making your time at the gym more enjoyable, talking with other people can help improve your workouts.

Taking Videos

We’ve started taking videos of some of our big lifts, like squats and deadlifts. More will be showing up on our Instagram page. We’re planning on adding in more videos of other exercises as well, but for now we’re just enjoying seeing progress and checking our form for the heavier lifts. Videos and photos can help with building confidence and showing you what you’re doing better on and what could use more work.

Altering Exercises

As we said in an above section, sometimes we switch in exercises when we’re tired of a particular one. But you can also change how you’re doing the exercise to completely change how it feels.

I usually aim for 3 sets of 10 reps for most exercises. Evan pushes himself a bit more and ends up doing 12 reps or goes up in weight and does fewer reps. But if we’re really not feeling the burn or much difficulty, we’ll sometimes dropset just to make it feel like we did something.

In reality, you should be focusing on your muscle while you’re working it, but I know I don’t do that for every exercise every single time. Adding in that extra focus can change how your workout feels.

Another thing we do is focus on our form and getting that perfect. There are always improvements that can be made.

An additional way to switch up an exercise is to find a different version. For example, right now we’re doing twisting bicep curls instead of regular curls, and then cable hammer curls instead of dumbbell hammer curls.

Just little things can add novelty to your workouts and thus make them more fun workouts.


Fun workouts are one of the easiest ways to push through any bouts with boredom or struggles with burn out. What do you change for more interesting and fun workouts? Have you reached a point where working out just doesn’t spark the same excitement it used to? Do you log your workouts? Do you like socializing at the gym?


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