We started our fitness journey together about a year and a half ago. The two of us work out almost daily. Weightlifting is our exercise of choice. We both started at different times, but are now in it together. We’ve had our ups and downs, but overall, fitness has become a major part of our life as a couple. If you’re wanting to work out with your partner, check out How to Work Out Together to Become Couple Goals.

Our Fitness Journeys Before We Met

If you want to start working out, but aren’t sure where to begin, check out our posts, How to Start Working Out and Joining a Gym for Beginners.

Going way back, Evan started lifting in high school and then switched to forced running. Granted the running included carrying other people and running up and down steep hills. The hill I’m thinking of is so steep you literally have to crawl up it. So he has basically always been in good shape. He also ran track in high school.

I struggled to reach over 100 lbs through high school. I’m 5’6, so I’m average or slightly above average height. I looked like string bean. I did cheerleading in high school and the first year of college. I was a flyer and backspot because I was super light and tall. undefined

After high school, I was living with my friend’s family. His dad suggested getting a personal trainer and weightlifting because I often expressed how displeased I was with being tiny. I was so small I wasn’t healthy. I started working with a personal trainer and doing some light lifting, but also HIIT and those types of workouts. From there I started working out with a friend who was a personal trainer and doing more weightlifting. When I moved to Irvine I lifted with a few other bikers, then just went on my own to the university gym. Eventually I got lazy and just went to the smaller apartment gym.

Our Fitness Journey Together

We started on our fitness journey to get big. 

We’re both hard gainers. By nature we are both on the lighter, smaller side.

Evan started weightlifting again on his last deployment. I continued working out in the apartment gym during that time. I used a lot of workouts that he sent me. When he returned, we used the apartment gym together. We joined an actual gym when we moved to Albuquerque. We’ve been going there 6 days a week since July up until the Coronavirus stay at home orders. We are currently using our generous friend’s garage gym.

We occasionally work out separately. It doesn’t happen often. Usually only do that when one of us is injured or sick.

Weightlifting together is just a part of our lifestyle now. It’s our “thing”. We’re the annoying couple at the gym. We’re the weird couple who always walk through the apartment complex in gym clothes.


The Progress We Have Made

We’re both progressing differently.

I have lost weight since we started working out together. I’m not really sure how. Since I first started lifting I’ve gained probably 10 lbs. Evan has gained 20+ pounds in muscle.

We have reached a plateau in weight. I’ve been about the same for several months. Evan started plateauing just a couple months ago. This is because we’re not adding in as much food to our diet as we should in order to keep gaining. I rarely have an appetite, so eating is a struggle. Evan consistently eats several snacks and meals, so he’d just have to increase volume.

We’re both significantly stronger. Our workouts in the apartment gym were more limited compared to workouts at Powerflex Gym, so we can’t really compare weights, sets, and reps. But even since moving here, we’ve gained more strength.

Would we have made this much progress if we didn’t make weightlifting a couple activity? Maybe, but maybe not. We often convince each other that we have to go. If one of us is feeling kinda bleh, we’ll still feel obligated to go lift. Any workout is better than no workout.

Where Will this Fitness Journey Take Us?

Now that we’re a little bigger and relatively healthy, we keep up the routine to stay strong and healthy. I want to look better. Evan wants to lift heavier. As long as life stay the course we’re hoping it will, we’ll keep up our fitness routine together for the foreseeable future. If we decide we don’t mind spending excessive amounts of money, competitions may be something we pursue. We’re not sure at this point though. For now we just enjoy being active and improving together.


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