Shopping secondhand is awesome. You never know what cool things you’ll find at a thrift store, and usually for a low price. We try to save as much money as possible (for tips on how to save money, check out this post). We have to convince each other to buy something, even if it’s something we need. So, one of the ways we save money when we have to get something is by buying it used. A lot of our furniture is secondhand. But there are a few things that don’t buy used even if they’re pricy.

Evan says you should always buy new stripper poles, not used ones. He then pointed at our lamp on a pole, which I did actually buy used. So uh don’t buy used stripper poles, but used lamps are fine I guess.

On a serious note, here are the things we don’t buy secondhand.

Motorcycle Helmets

We’re fine with buying other gear used. Evan just got some riding boots and other gear for dirtbiking from Letgo. Helmets are one of those things that you don’t want to buy secondhand though. Because of how they protect your head, once a helmet has been in a wreck or dropped from somewhere high, it’s compromised. You don’t know whether it will protect you to the same extent as it would brand new, so better not to risk head injuries and just spend a little more money on a new helmet.

Gym Clothes

The idea of wearing clothes that you know someone else has sweated in a lot, seems weird to me. With regular clothes, you don’t really know what someone was doing when they wore them. One could assume they just lived normal lives. They might’ve gone to the gym in jeans and flannel, but probably not. It’s also easy to find relatively inexpensive workout clothes new. We personally don’t care much about brand names of clothes. I know some people really love Gymshark, Nike, Bombshell Sportswear, etc. and those are great. We personally find the cheapest activewear on Amazon because we don’t really care much. Evan gets bigger every few months and has to buy new clothes anyway, so quality doesn’t make much of a difference to him. I post on Instagram fairly often, so I want to have at least one new item every few weeks or month, just so my wardrobe cycle changes a bit. Don’t want to bore you all with the same gym outfit.


Our bed frame is secondhand. It’s an Ikea frame I bought from some other college students while we were living in Irvine.

The mattress I purchased new though. Even though it is more expensive to buy mattresses new, they’re less likely to have bedbugs, stains or other weirdness. I got a pretty good deal on mine. It was a floor model, so it was marked down a lot and came with a free mattress protector. Sure people had laid on it before, but it was just in a store and not actually slept on. I don’t remember the exact numbers, but I believe it was around $1,00 and I got it for $300. It’s a soft queen.

So, there’s my mattress shopping tip for y’all. Ask if there are floor models for sale. You might find a high end mattress on sale for over half off.

Dog Bedding and Toys

Fleas are always a concern. Having lived in the California country with wild animals nearby, Chili had issues with fleas off and on. It was a pain to deal with.

We are so grateful we haven’t had any issues with them here (knock wood). One of the ways we prevent fleas is if we buy him anything, we get it new. It is true if you buy stuffed  animals or bedding, you can wash them and use anti-flea products. But, we have carpet, so simply bringing items into the apartment means fleas could jump off and live in the carpet. Not saying all used dog stuff has fleas, but you never really know for sure and we’d rather be safe than sorry.

We don’t even buy dog toys that often. He’s the closest thing to a grandkid our parents have, so he ends up getting a lot of toys for the holidays. He also has full sized stuffed animals because he’s spoiled. At one point he had one of those giant teddy bears from Costco.

Swimsuits and Underwear

Yeah another one of those weird hygiene things. Like no matter how many times it got washed, I’d still feel weird about wearing a used swimsuit or underwear.

Again, swimsuits and underwear are relatively inexpensive in the scheme of things, so paying for new stuff wouldn’t make much of an impact in comparison to secondhand items in this case. In addition, finding swimsuits that fit well is a challenge, so the odds of getting a used one that fit ok would probably be lower. I’m not really sure why people donate these clothing items. We donate our clothes, but only if they’re in good condition. We wear most of our clothes till they wear out unless we gain too much weight, haha.


So, I guess this is something people buy and sell used. Again, I don’t really know why. I’ve seen it on Facebook. Makeup is expensive, but if I did buy makeup, I wouldn’t get it secondhand. There’s just too much potential for sharing germs. Sharing makeup is generally something people choose not to do, so buying secondhand doesn’t make much sense. My skin is sensitive, so I can’t even really wear makeup without making it break out. However, I have purchased makeup in the past and I still buy it for my sister.  

Even when I’m focusing on saving money, I buy it new (I just go without makeup if I need to avoid spending altogether). There are less expensive brands that don’t test on animals such as e.l.f, which is one of my go-to brands. Recently I bought my sister 10-12 pieces for $25 during a sale. That was a range of items from lipstick to shimmery eyeliner. If you have more disposable income to spend on makeup, bareMinerals is my other favorite.


Some of the items on this list seem weird, like who would buy those things secondhand? But, some people do. Others seem really common sense. Overall, health and hygiene are the primary reasons we don’t buy specific items secondhand. We definitely do buy other stuff used and will be writing another post on things we typically buy secondhand rather than new.


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