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It’s still summer right now, but it’s starting to cool off. If your air conditioning works exceptionally well like at my office, you might even want to get comfy, cozy, and warm now. We tend to keep our apartment to the temperature Evan prefers. It makes sense because it is a lot easier for me to get snuggled up and cozy if I’m cold than it is for him to cool down if it’s warm in here. I love being warm, comfy and cozy. So, here’s a few of the things we keep in our apartment to make it comfy, cozy, and lovely. Most of these items can be found on our Amazon Storefront – https://www.amazon.com/shop/cutecannycouple if you’d like to take a look at them all there!

Fuzzy Blanket

We have a fuzzy blanket we bought from Amazon. It is super soft and electric. It definitely helps keep us warm in the winter. I use it year-round, but I don’t plug it in during the summer. It’s one of my favorite things in our apartment. It leads to instant comfort. The one we have isn’t available from the same Amazon seller, but there seemed to be several of the same from different sellers. Here’s the seller’s store – https://amzn.to/35wn4PN where they seem to have other colors and sizes.

Mattress Topper

If you couldn’t tell, we shop at Amazon frequently. We have a good quality mattress that I got on sale when I moved to Irvine. It’s comfy, but the mattress topper we have makes it even better. Here’s the link – https://amzn.to/2XpiNJc (sorry Amazon only allows these ugly links) to the one we have. It makes the bed soft and squishy, but without the annoying sinking feeling you might get from an overly soft mattress.


Evan gave me an awesome bathrobe, which is the definition of comfy and cozy. It’s suuuuper soft. It has held up well in the wash. Sometimes really soft things lose their fuzziness through washing them over and over, but so far no issues. I just wear it over my comfy clothes in the apartment when I’m cold. I can’t find the actual one I have, but I’m sure you all have different tastes and styles anyway, so as long as what you find is soft and warm, I’m sure it’ll be perfect.

Pet Dog

Obviously you have to want a pet for other reasons besides just having one to snuggle up with, but pets can be such great cuddlers! Chili is soft and generates heat. Granted I generally snuggle with Evan more, but I thought putting boyfriend on this list would be a little weird. But anyways, dogs are great. If you don’t like dogs, then cats can sometimes be cuddly-ish on occasion. Then they’ll claw you. Snakes are also nice, but I wouldn’t call them comfy or cozy.


At home I live in cheer shorts during the summer and sweats or joggers whenever I’m cold, which is basically the rest of the year and half of summer. Pretty much the first thing I do when I get home from work is change out of my jeans into comfy clothes. Loungewear is also good for getting comfy cozy. I tend to not wear lacy or short stuff just because I know I’ll have to go back out and walk the dog. For those of you who have houses or don’t have to go out in public when you’re comfy, here’s a soft pj set I like.

Smart Lightbulbs

It is hard to be comfy or cozy if your lighting is too bright or too dim. We got smart bulbs off Amazon and are able to adjust our bedroom lighting for any time of day and every comfort level. They also help with lighting for taking photos for Instagram haha. The ones we have are a little finicky. They only work on the slower WiFi, not 5G. So I would shop around and see what options are out there that may work better for you. If you want to go with what we have though, they’re available here – https://amzn.to/36HzvHU.


So hope this gives you some ideas for stuff to make you comfy and cozy as the weather cools down. Tried to include a little bit of everything that makes us comfortable. Getting comfy helps with resting. One of our recent posts was on rest days, so feel free to check that out if you want more ideas on relaxing.


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