This is essentially a detailed shopping list of everything we purchased to be dirt bikers. Now, I use the term “dirt biker” very loosely when describing us. I mean we have dirt bikes and are semi-functional on them. We don’t ride professionally or anything crazy like that. I have a tendency to fall off mine several times each trip. Since we are complete beginners, we got pretty much every item of protective gear we could find, but kept the rest minimal-ish. So, here’s our list of what we use as dirt bikers.

It’s finally 2021. But, places are still closed and there’s not a lot to do for entertainment. We’re still working out, but it’s so cold here currently that when we have free time on the weekend, we stay inside instead of riding or hiking. Due to this, we watch a decent amount of tv and movies. The only streaming service we have is Amazon Prime Video, just because we already have Amazon Prime and we weren’t too amused by Netflix or Hulu. If you’re in the same boat, check out our list of what to watch on Amazon Prime.

If you weren’t already in the know from following us on Instagram, we’re now engaged! Evan proposed while we were in Washington, visiting family (kept it under 10 people). We’ll go into more detail on the proposal and everything else marriage-related in future posts. I would start a whole series on wedding planning and stuff, but with Covid going on, that probably won’t happen for another year at least. So, I’ll discuss the things that have already happened, like how we found my unique engagement ring.

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