So if you’re moving away from home for the first time we have a first apartment checklist in our resource library (one version with what we’ve looked for and a blank one for you to make your own). Just subscribe here for free access! If you just want the checklist, then you can skip this post. If you want more detail about what we included on the first apartment checklist and how we’ve picked apartments, read on.

If you’re scrimping and saving, having an awesome grocery budget list is a necessity. Making a grocery list is pretty easy, just make a list of all the food you want. Making a budget takes a little bit more effort. Creating a list to fit your budget is even more challenging. There are a few steps to take before creating a grocery budget list. Here is what we have been doing for our grocery budget list.

Unless you start out in life rolling in dough or an area with insanely cheap real estate, you’re probably going to end up in a small apartment or small living space at some point in your life. Even if you have a big apartment you share with roommates, your own personal space in the apartment may be smaller than you would like. Small spaces work, but are not always ideal. Coming up with small apartment hacks can really save you space, money, and stress.

Moving in together is a big step. Embarking on a move together across states is another enormous life change. Nobody tells you exactly how your first big move as a couple is going to go. If only it was as simple as packing up and going. Where do you begin? How do you coordinate everything? Is the dog going on a crate or getting his own seatbelt? I’m going to lay out our whole experience moving together, step by step, so you can see how we survived it. Planning Research Together The first step in the process of our move together was research. I want to say we decided on moving to New Mexico about a year ago. I don’t remember exactly when, but it was sometime before Evan was deployed. So, my point is that we started researching far in advance. Planning and research is a common theme in…

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