For the longest time, we lived the college student cooking life. To be completely honest, spaghetti is still a staple in our meal rotation. For awhile we tried to upgrade our dinners by trying Pinterest recipes. A lot of them were super weird, not very instructive, or just didn’t work. Obviously I am a blogger and sometimes I share recipes (such as our most popular recipe post, Instant Pot Chicken and Rice), but in general, I don’t really read blogs or trust blogger recipes anymore just because of all the DIY and recipe fails I’ve experienced. Recently, we started trying HelloFresh recipes.

If you’re scrimping and saving, having an awesome grocery budget list is a necessity. Making a grocery list is pretty easy, just make a list of all the food you want. Making a budget takes a little bit more effort. Creating a list to fit your budget is even more challenging. There are a few steps to take before creating a grocery budget list. Here is what we have been doing for our grocery budget list.

Eating healthy is all about moderation. We’ve both had restricted diets in the past, so we allow ourselves a little indulgence. But, even though now we can eat whatever we want, there’s a few things we have stopped eating. Some of them are just for personal reasons, but others are so we stay healthier.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. We are members of the Amazon Associates Program. We receive a commission for qualified purchases at no additional cost to you. More information on our disclaimer page. Have you ever heard a discussion between bodybuilders? My guess is that if you have, at some point they probably talked about chicken and rice, one of the staple meals for meal prepping. Even when you’re browsing the internet, you probably see weightlifting with meal-prepping A LOT. We’ve watched people start both, but not stick with either! We know that you can stick to fitness and nutrition goals though. That’s why you’re reading this right? So, let’s go over meal prepping and the recipes. Chicken and rice are super easy meal prep recipes. Starting with the basics can really help you get into the meal prepping routine. To start with the weightlifting basics, check out this post…

Mornings are hard. I am not a morning person. In my old routine I would pretty much just wake up, throw some cereal and coffee in my mouth and ride off to school. But, once Evan and I started trying to gain more weight, I had to eat more like an actual adult and less like a college student. When we began making real food, it took a lot longer, like half an hour. But no one has that much time in their weekday mornings right? If you’re looking for some help with morning time management, you can use our system we’ve figured out. Both of us work together to cook, so this routine will probably take a bit longer for one person. I’ve added a letter next to each step to show who does what. The mission: cook eggs, coffee, and oatmeal fast enough so Evan has time to…

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