If you spend most of your time occupied by watching TV or playing videogames, you will probably get bored after awhile. Even if the game or show is interesting, just doing the same thing for awhile gets tedious. If you use the time you have available to engage in productive activities, you’ll probably feel better, have accomplished something, and mental health can improve as well.

We’re not calling this “How to Maintain a Productive and Enjoyable Work-Life Balance” because the term work-life balance just doesn’t encompass everything this post is about. We’re calling it “life balance” because “work-life balance” makes it seem like half of your life is work and the other half is life. Life includes so much. We’re talking about how to create balance in all aspects of your life, not just balancing work. One of the challenges of being an adult is keeping your life balanced. Having time to do everything you want to and need to is simply impossible. Lack of time is one of the regular reasons people choose not to pursue an activity, especially when it comes to fitness. What can you do to create a life balance that works? We’re still pretty new to being adults, but we’ve worked hard to prioritize what matters to us and make…

Mornings are hard. I am not a morning person. In my old routine I would pretty much just wake up, throw some cereal and coffee in my mouth and ride off to school. But, once Evan and I started trying to gain more weight, I had to eat more like an actual adult and less like a college student. When we began making real food, it took a lot longer, like half an hour. But no one has that much time in their weekday mornings right? If you’re looking for some help with morning time management, you can use our system we’ve figured out. Both of us work together to cook, so this routine will probably take a bit longer for one person. I’ve added a letter next to each step to show who does what. The mission: cook eggs, coffee, and oatmeal fast enough so Evan has time to…

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