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Even though our inclination is to save and invest money, that doesn’t mean we save every penny. We do spend money on a few different things that aren’t necessary. While we do try to stay pretty frugal, we also want to enjoy life. So if you were looking for a reason to justify spending money on something you want but don’t need, this is the post you’ve been looking for.

At some point in your life you decided to start trying to save money. It’s a smart move! For me, it was mainly once I moved to Irvine, but I grew up in a frugal household and it’s kind of just become a habit. Whenever family members give us gift cards for holidays, they say “Get something you want, not just something you need.” Because otherwise we’ll buy something mundane like food or silverware. Avoiding spending money just comes easily to us. We question every purchase and determine whether it is something we actually need. Yes, we probably overthink our financial decisions a bit much. While our actions are more on the extreme end of saving money, there are smaller steps you can take to get started. We’ve noticed a couple different actions that easily add up, but can also be easily avoided. 1. Eating out When we first started…

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