Who am I?

Before you decide to spend the time reading a blog post, you might wonder,

“who is this person writing for me and what makes her relatable to me?”

Or you might not. I’m not a mind reader.

BUT I have many other talents like organizing grocery lists by item location, using any alternative communication necessary to avoid having to call a customer service line, and bumping into the same wall of my apartment even though I’ve lived here for several months.

These quirks are probably not very useful to you.

I can share other more general aspects of my life with you though.

I’m a recent psychology and criminology graduate living with my boyfriend, Evan and my dog, Chili in Albuquerque, NM.

I lived in California for most of my life, but after I graduated and Evan left the military, we decided to move somewhere with a lower cost of living. Albuquerque also has easier access to areas for motorcycling and dirtbiking compared to SoCal. So, ya know, priorities.

Evan is an undergrad majoring in finance. He does not enjoy writing as much as I do, so he will not be posting. But, he will be doing more behind the scenes work like coming up with workout routines and providing moral support. He also likes talking, so I can still share his perspective.

What is this blog about?

As Evan frequently describes, “we eat, sleep, go to school (well, he does), gym, and meal prep”.

Honestly, he thought our lives were too boring to blog about. I had to remind him that we are weirdos and we can provide useful information on several topics including:

  • Gymming (we use gym as a verb)
  • Living frugally
  • Excessive planning for the future
  • Meal prepping
  • Living gluten free
  • Self care
  • Photos of our peculiar pup
  • And whatever else life throws at us

Overall, like you, we want to be healthy, spend little, and consistently work toward our life goals.

You can reach us through Instagram, Facebook, or email. maisy@cutecannycouple.com. We’d love to chat with you.

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