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If all you do is show up to the gym, you’re on your way to a great workout. You don’t necessarily need anything but motivation and consistency, but there are a few things you can bring with you to the gym that can help you have a more effective workout.

After getting into a fitness routine (for more info on how to start working out, check out this post), we’ve discovered there are 5 things that are extremely helpful in making our workouts effective. Amazon products will be in our Amazon Storefront – https://www.amazon.com/shop/cutecannycouple.

Water Bottle

Ours are both Brita brand, purchased from Target.

Having a reusable water bottle saves you time and helps the environment. I’m sure you all have heard about the environmental reasons why you should use a reusable water bottle, so I’ll just discuss why they help with efficiency.

If you don’t bring a water bottle, you’re probably spending extra time walking to the drinking fountain when that time could be used for an extra set or logging your weights.

Both of us have filtered water bottles, which is extra helpful. With regular bottles, you might be choosier about where you fill up, which could also take more time out of your workout. Because of the filter, we can fill up our water bottles anywhere and not feel grossed out about where the water is from. I probably wouldn’t choose to drink water directly from the gym bathroom sinks without the filter.

Reusable bottles are often easier to carry around compared to disposable bottles too. Ours have handles, which makes them quick to grab and carry while holding all our other gym stuff.


Mine are Phaiser BHS-750 Bluetooth Headphones from Amazon.

Evan’s are from Okinawa, Japan.

For awhile we weren’t using headphones. The gym usually played rock and we just talked to each other during rest times (To read more about working out together, check out this post). Then the gym music switched to rotating through a bunch of stations. One minute it would play Old Town Road and the next would be some pop song my teenage sister would listen to. Didn’t really help with the flow of the workout at all. Between the inconsistent music and the people at our gym who like to sing/attempt scream/yell, we decided we needed to wear headphones to block out all the noisy distractions and keep in a good rhythm.

In addition to blocking distractions, music can really help you get the push for an extra rep and help you stay in the zone.


This one seems kind of counterintuitive. Having your phone with you at the gym can be distracting and lead you away from an effective workout, but it can also help you if you utilize it well. There are a few main things we use our phones for at the gym.

1. Logging workouts

2. Rest timer

3. Music

4. Photos for Instagram.

Ok, taking photos for the gram doesn’t really help you have an effective workout, but if you follow our Instagram page, you’re well aware that we take gym photos.

Logging workouts, having a rest timer, and listening to music are all beneficial for workouts though. If you find your phone is too distracting because of text messages or social media, you could always just put it on airplane mode for the duration of your workout.

Belts, Wraps, Straps, Bands

Evan’s belt and wrist wraps are from the brand Dark Iron Fitness on Amazon – https://amzn.to/3nx15xZ

My hip band is from Majesty Fit (use cod cute14 for 10% off)

We have a variety of items we bring for different workouts. Evan has a lifting belt for deadlifts and squats. He uses wrist wraps for bench. We both use lifting straps for deadlifts, but for now we’re just using the gym ones, so we aren’t bringing them with us. I have a fabric hip band I use for leg days. So, these rotate depending on which workout we’re doing. All of the items definitely help us lift more and have an effective workout.

Gym Bag

We don’t actually have a gym bag.

Why is a gym bag on the list then? Well, just because we need one.

We have a lot of stuff we carry around the gym. Besides the 4 things we listed above, we also have keys, sweatshirts, etc. A gym bag would help make the transition from one station to the next a lot smoother and quicker. Grabbing a bag instead of 6 small items would be faster. If you have gym bag recommendations, please add a comment!

Update: We have a gym bag. It’s super useful. We bring it every time we go to the gym. Here it is.


These 5 things to bring to the gym may seem like a no-brainer, but sometimes it’s good to think about how the things you do and what you use do make small differences in your workouts.

What else do you find helpful to bring to the gym?

What makes your workouts efficient and effective?


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