January 2021


It’s finally 2021. But, places are still closed and there’s not a lot to do for entertainment. We’re still working out, but it’s so cold here currently that when we have free time on the weekend, we stay inside instead of riding or hiking. Due to this, we watch a decent amount of tv and movies. The only streaming service we have is Amazon Prime Video, just because we already have Amazon Prime and we weren’t too amused by Netflix or Hulu. If you’re in the same boat, check out our list of what to watch on Amazon Prime.

So if you’re moving away from home for the first time we have a first apartment checklist in our resource library (one version with what we’ve looked for and a blank one for you to make your own). Just subscribe here for free access! If you just want the checklist, then you can skip this post. If you want more detail about what we included on the first apartment checklist and how we’ve picked apartments, read on.

For the longest time, we lived the college student cooking life. To be completely honest, spaghetti is still a staple in our meal rotation. For awhile we tried to upgrade our dinners by trying Pinterest recipes. A lot of them were super weird, not very instructive, or just didn’t work. Obviously I am a blogger and sometimes I share recipes (such as our most popular recipe post, Instant Pot Chicken and Rice), but in general, I don’t really read blogs or trust blogger recipes anymore just because of all the DIY and recipe fails I’ve experienced. Recently, we started trying HelloFresh recipes.

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