August 2020


Habits can be crucial or detrimental to your life and well-being, depending on what they are. This post focuses on habits to stop. In the future we’ll discuss habits to start. Many of these habits I still haven’t broken out of. So not to say that they’re easy to stop, just that in the long run it will be healthier if you stop these habits. If you direct your energy and focus on other habits instead of these, you’ll be healthier and happier, which is what everyone wants right?

It is literally impossible for two people to be exactly the same. So why should you expect your partner to be the same as you? You probably don’t, which is good. But you probably expect at least some similarities, otherwise you wouldn’t be in a relationship with them. Having shared visions and common ground are good, but your relationship can grow stronger if you work on embracing the differences in your relationship.

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