November 2019


The holiday season is fast approaching. Time for family, being cold, pretty lights, delicious food, all the fun stuff in a short span of a few months. One of the fun, but most challenging parts is buying gifts. Some people are easy to buy presents for. You barely have to think about it because they’ve already told you a thousand things they want. But when you ask some people, they respond with “I don’t want anything” or “you don’t have to get me anything.” Yeah, you could just not get them a present, but who actually means it when they say they don’t want a present. If you’re like me, you see this as a challenge. Then there are the people who legitimately don’t have a clue what they want (me). So, the question is: what to get someone who doesn’t want anything? Books Books are my first choice for…

The introvert extrovert relationship is an interesting one. If you meet us in person, it will be blatantly obvious to you that we have vastly different personalities. Evan is extremely extroverted, while I am pretty dang introverted. Online it seems like the opposite because I do the writing and social media, but Evan avoids having his photos posted. In writing this, I ended up down the rabbit hole of scholarly research on introverts and extroverts. There’s so many studies on a range of topics, like “Extroverts tweet differently” and “Are introverts smarter than extroverts?” While there is so much information out there about introverts and extroverts, I’m just going to discuss the close interpersonal introvert extrovert relationship. But first, let’s distinguish the difference between extroverts and introverts. There’s also ambiverts, who are in the middle, but I’m not going to focus on them in this post. So, when you picture…

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